Monday, December 1, 2014

insta love :: November

Finally ordered my new planner! I love the adorable "free gift with purchase" clamshell mirror!
I love the little bits of wisdom on the Yogi tea bag tags: "The greatest tool you have is to listen."
Date night at Karl Strauss in downtown San Diego.
Vintage striped blazer at Organized Grime.
So obsessed with these lifesavers! This is my second pair or etymotic research earplugs. I lost the first pair and finally replaced them!
Shameless selfie.
My favorite bartender likes to decorate my water :P
Too bad the Tazo teas don't have "wisdom" on their labels, but they're still just as good! Especially when you drink them while reading a sweet card from friends.
I didn't choose the snuggie life. The snuggie life chose me.
I love offsetting some of my integral photos! Keeps people on their toes!
Lots of pretty flowers this month! 1. Leftover blooms from one of my cheerleaders' moms after our first competition.
2. Mom's birthday flowers. 3. After mom's lilies finally bloomed.
Flowers always seem to make the days brighter.
and my "November Moments" compilation video…

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