Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Gift Guide :: Kiddos

As the holidays approach, we are all thinking about how we can show the people in our lives that we appreciate them. We all know that I love to DIY, and putting effort into creating a handmade gift always means so much. Every week until Christmas, I'll be posting a DIY gift guide with ideas for things you can create that people actually want.
This week, I found so many fun ideas for things to make for kids! Boys or girls, toddlers or almost pre-teens, there are so many cool tutorials for the little bambinos. When I was a kid, my favorite gifts were either books, or things I could DIY. If you are gifting an older child, you might consider just giving them the materials and letting them create for themselves! Whether you're making gifts for your own kids, or for someone else's (Or even yourself! There are some really cool ideas!), there is something here for all of the little angels in your life.

1. Tee Pee's can provide hours of fun, whether it be a home base for imaginative adventures, or a sweet reading nook. [tutorial]

2. I loved playing dress up with my dolls when I was little. If you can do some simple sewing, follow THIS tutorial to create a doll that looks just like the little girl she'll be gifted to. [tutorial]

3. These homemade bath crayons look like so much fun! Pair them with a rubber ducky, a bottle of bubble bath, and a terry-cloth robe to make the next bath time one they will look forward to! [tutorial]

4. This I-Spy Bottle is a great way to keep a kiddo occupied and quiet, and the little treasures can be changed out every now and then to keep things interesting! [tutorial]

5. Print THESE free paper dolls on card stock, and put them in a small box or repurposed tin with some scissors. [source]

6. Create a science experiment kit! Pick up some simple materials and a bucket to keep them in, print off THESE experiment directions, and let the kids have at it! Bonus points for being educational, as well ;) [tutorial]

7. This Glitter Flubber stuff is just awesome. [tutorial]

8. Marshmallow Shooters are fun to give to your friends kids, and if you are daring, your own. Don't forget a bag of mini marshmallows to get the game started! [tutorial]
For more DIY gift ideas, check out my DIY page and find more things to create for the wonderful people in your life. And this is the last one! I hope you enjoyed my DIY holiday gift guides!

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