Thursday, December 11, 2014

DIY Gift Guide :: Guys

As the holidays approach, we are all thinking about how we can show the people in our lives that we appreciate them. We all know that I love to DIY, and putting effort into creating a handmade gift always means so much. Every week until Christmas, I'll be posting a DIY gift guide with ideas for things you can create that people actually want.
This week, we're looking at gifts you can create for the hardest people to shop for-- the men in your life! Guys always seem to be the hardest to read, and the hardest to please, when it comes to presents. I've sifted through all of the Pinterest tackiness and rounded up a few things that your dad, brothers, man-friends, or boyfriend would actually use and love-- even more so if it was made by you!

1. This Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser will rid your man of any excuses to run out of soap in his man cave bathroom! Use an empty bottle of his favorite liquor, and pair it with a gallon-sized bottle of refill soap. [tutorial]

2. Get the guy in your life to actually want to use coasters by creating these Natural Branch Coasters for his bachelor pad. [tutorial]

3. Help your man-friend make travel more convenient, and keep his side of the bathroom counter organized, with a dop kit. Use this tutorial to sew one yourself, or buy one and personalize it with his monogram. Go above and beyond by filling it with his man-scaping essentials and favorite toiletries. [source]

4. Put together this Guy's Survival Kit for your man to keep in his car. Use the this tutorial to sew your own, or use a simple pencil bag or toiletry case, and fill it with kleenex, hand sanitizer, mints, floss, or whatever else your dude might need in a pinch! [tutorial]

5. If you are feeling really ambitious, try building this Ammo Can Toolbox from scratch. I've also seen this done with tool and tackle boxes! [tutorial]
For more DIY gift ideas, check out my DIY page and find more things to create for the wonderful people in your life. And keep checking back for more DIY holiday gift guides!

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