Thursday, December 4, 2014

DIY Gift Guide :: Best Girl Frannnds

As the holidays approach, we are all thinking about how we can show the people in our lives that we appreciate them. We all know that I love to DIY, and putting love and effort into creating a handmade gift always means so much. Every week until Christmas, I'll be posting a DIY gift guide with ideas for things you can create that people actually want. 
This week I'm starting with the lovely ladies! Whether its your mom, your sister, or your best girl frannnnnds, these pretty little things would be perfect to show any wonderful woman that you love having them in your life!

1. Print a sweet quote on card stock and use mod podge to add a little glitter. Frame your design to create a pretty accent for your BFF's bedroom. [source]

2. Recreate this adorable ring dish, originally inspired by one from Anthropologie. [tutorial]

3. Cover a large wooden or cardboard cutout of your friend's first initial with silk versions of their favorite flower to create a pretty monogram[source]

4. Bring out your inner chemist and whip up some homemade bath bombs in your bestie's favorite scent with THIS recipe. [tutorial]

5. Use jewelry glue and rhinestones to embellish a pair of gloves or a scarf and add a little bling to some lucky lady's life! [tutorial]

6. Gather everything a girl would need for the perfect mani-pedi, or some simple beauty products for a special day, and throw it all into a mason jar. Create a pretty label for a personal touch. These would be great to keep around for unexpected guests! [source]

7. Make a mini-emergency kit! Grab a small makeup bag, or repurpose and decorate a little tin box, and fill it with all the little things you wish you always had in your purse, like hand sanitizer, bobby pins, mints, tylenol, a nail file, etc. [source]

8. Add one more thing to your emergency kit with this super cute tutorial for emergency glitter pills that will brighten your friend's day with some sparkle! (Careful if your friend has a little one that might try to swallow them!) [tutorial]
For more DIY gift ideas, check out my DIY page and find more things to create for the wonderful people in your life. And keep checking back for more DIY holiday gift guides!

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