Monday, November 3, 2014

insta love :: October

Trying not to fall in the XS pool at the Encore in Las Vegas!
Taco Bell real talk.
My favorite new watch from Forever 21.
Got my nails diddddd. Loving this design with clear polish peekaboos.
One of my favorite DIY projects to date: a Chloe-Inspired Chain-Wrist Sweater.
Trying to decide what brand of Reisling is my favorite. This one by Cupcake is definitely in my top three!
Carved my first pumpkin ever! Can you guess which one is mine and which on is Kevin's?
Nighttime necessities. Hydration is key!
I had so much fun making this yummy Halloween bark using this recipe.
Does anyone else change their phone wallpapers with the seasons to keep them feeling festive?
Another Reisling on a fun afternoon at Brothers Provisions
A sweet #tbt of my sister and I from Halloween '96
I couldn't hack my Treasure Troll costume for the whole night of Halloween, so Kev and I dressed up as a Koala and a Tree before we headed out to celebrate the holiday :)
…and my "October Moments" compilation video:

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