Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[diy] Logo T-shirt Surgery

Recently I've been on a cleaning and reorganizing kick and trying to get rid of a lot of the extra clutter crowding my very small bedroom. One thing I have wayyy too much of-- T-shirts! I acquire tons of shirts between events, coaching cheer, and the $5 graphic tees in the men's section of Walmart (my weakness). While the guys can get away with it, I have trouble styling boxy crew neck tees for club and nightlife events, like I need to do with my Organized Grime shirts.
After appliquéing the design from my OG Geisha shirt onto this diamond patterned tank top from Charlotte Russe, I was finally wearing it for more exciting events than to bed and the gym. If you have shirts you want to wear to events without sacrificing style for a lame tee, then keep reading!
You will need:
T-shirt with a basic logo
Another shirt (Plain or with similar colors)
Sewing Machine
Thread to match your shirts

Start by laying your shirts out flat (Excuse my wrinkly tees-- be sure to iron yours first!). Cut around your logo, leaving an inch or two of extra fabric around the image. Decide where you want to place your logo and lay it flat on top of your new shirt. Remember, it doesn't have to be centered! Offset graphics (like the way I placed my geisha tee on the tank pictured above) can add a lot of interest to an otherwise boring design. 
I decided to keep this logo centered. Make sure that its in the right place and lined up perfectly. Pin your graphic down, but instead of pinning around, pin on top of the design.
Sew around the logo, just outside the edges of the design. Carefully follow the lines of even the more detailed pieces of the graphic. If your graphic is really large, consider sewing a few lines across the logo to keep the design laying flat on its new shirt and prevent it from bagging after it's been washed.

To complete your project, cut away the excess fabric from the outsides of your appliqué seams. Leave less than a quarter of an inch, keeping your cut lines even. If you need to, use smaller scissors to get into the smaller crevices of the design.

Snip off any extra hanging threads, and your shirt is all ready to wear. You can now head to your event looking stylish and representing your organization with confidence!
Do you have mountains of t-shirts like I do? Do you keep them all on rotation, or do you find other ways to use them? Does this DIY solution work as well for you as it does for me? Leave a comment and let me know!

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