Wednesday, November 19, 2014

5 Ways to Style Your Game Day Jersey

As the weather cools down, the football rivalries are heating up! Last weekend, the Chargers beat the Raiders (again, ahem), and the bandwagon is getting slowww with the weight of all of these fair-weather fans jumping on board. With everyone getting in the spirit, I thought it was time to come up with a few ways for everyone to style their new jerseys (if you still need one, you can find every team here). And of course, I can't expect all of my readers to be Charger fans, but these styles will work for any team colors. The key is to take down the tacky-potential by keeping everything other than your jersey, including accessories and makeup, in neutral tones.
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Give your jersey a feminine edge by pairing it with a trendy envelope skirt and a comfy chunky knit open cardigan. Keep it simple with flat over-the-knee riding boots in a neutral tone.

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For a classic look, pair a women's fit jersey with ankle-length jeans, a simple blazer, and a fun pair of loafers.  The jeans and flats are comfy and fun, while the blazer adds polish to the sporty pieces.

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Make your boyfriend's oversized jersey look a little girlier by knotting it at the waist over a sexy pencil skirt. Ditching the fussy heels and grab a pair of low-key Converse All-Stars instead.

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For an edgier look, don an oversized jersey as a dress (take it in at the sides to avoid looking like a potato sack), and add a few edgy accessories like over-the knee boots (my current obsession), a boater hat, and an armful of bangles.

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If you prefer a vintage look, cut off your jersey (preferably this vintage-inspired one) into a crop top so that it just skims the top of a pair of high-waisted jeans. Dress it up with a pretty pair of heels, or stay comfy in a pair of flats.

Who do you root for during the NFL season? (Go Bolts!) How does your game day outfit show your team spirit? Leave a comment and let me know!

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