Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebolapocalypse: How to Style a Hazmat Suit

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Well, it's official. There have been TWO diagnosed cases of Ebola in the United States. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, the time to make an investment in a Hazmat suit is NOW. I mean, you wouldn't want to be the last one on the bandwagon and end up looking like the clipboard guy.
Luckily for you, onesies are already in-- but Hazmat onesies are a bit more complicated. First, you choose your protection level-- A, B, C, or D, with A being the most covetable couture, and D being the best bargain for your buck. Some of these break down further into the categories of gas-protection or splash-protection, but this decision really depends on the toxicity of your environment. You'll be lighting up every room you enter, as most suits are a classic eye-catching yellow, but you can also find them in more subtle black or white tones for formal occasions.
Once you've made a decision about what kind of suit is best for your body type and necessary level of infectious disease protection, you can choose your accessories! The type of respirator, gloves, and boots you choose are where you can really get creative and show off your personality. The combinations of colors and chemical-resistance options-- Teflon, heavy rubber, PVC, Tyvek? --the possibilities are endless! Turn up the volume with steel-toed boots for a more edgy emergency-management look, or don a floor length apron for a dressier feel with extra splash protection. 
This trend is coming in hot! Invest in one of these gorgeous suits before you are stuck repurposing your boyfriend's overdone Breaking Bad costume from last Halloween and find yourself with diarrhea and inexplicable internal hemorrhaging.
In all seriousness, though, you're probably not going to get Ebola. You should worry more about getting the actual flu. Educate yourself.

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