Thursday, October 23, 2014

[diy] Chloe-Inspired Chain Wrist Sweater

I spotted this Chloe Chain Wrist Cashmere Sweater the other day and instantly melted into a puddle. Once I pulled myself together, I checked the price tag and promptly melted back into another goopy puddle. This beauty comes in around $1075 (or $1200 for the cardigan version). I know it's cashmere, and incredible, but sometimes normal people of the world have to settle for something a little more realistic. Using some gold chain and a simple crew-neck sweater I bought last year at Salvation Army, I created my own version for under $6.
You will need:
Plain Crew-neck Sweater with Ribbed Cuffs
Medium-weight Gold Chain
Scissors and Jewelry Pliers
Needle, Matching Thread, and Straight Pins

Start by laying the sleeves of your sweater flat. Carefully cut a straight line across your sleeves about a half inch above the ribbing of your sleeve cuffs.

Roll the cut edges of the sleeves and the cuffs under and whip-stitch all the way around.
With your sleeves laid flat, measure across the rolled edge and multiply by two for the circumference of your sleeve. Cut two lengths of your gold chain and use jewelry pliers to open one end of each chain length. Loop the open links around the other end of the chains and close the links to create two small "bracelets". Make sure your hands will fit through the chain loops so that you will easily be able to put on and take off your sweater.
Line your chain loops up to the sleeves of your sweater so that the chains lay flat. Whip-stitch all the way around to secure your chains to the sleeves.
Do the same with the sweater cuffs on the other side of your chains. Tie off your thread and you're all done!

Did you try this DIY? I would love to see it! Leave a comment here or tweet a photo to me at @holehx.

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