Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[clambake] Halloweenie

Halloween is almost here! Still need a costume or some last minute decorations? Here's a clambake of all of my Halloween-themed posts!

DIY Antlers for an earth-mother woodland-fairy costume
DIY Flapper Headband-- always a classic costume!
Pumpkin Decor DIY Inspiration-- lots of no-carve ideas for decorating with pumpkins this season!
DIY Skeleton Jeans for a comfy/spooky Halloween look
DIY Valfre Girl Costume Some simple makeup and clothes from your closet make this a quick costume you can pull together in minutes!
DIY Henna Pumpkins for the simplest way to decorate pumpkins!
Halloween season is so much fun. I love watching Nightmare Before Christmas and dressing up in costume :) What's your favorite part about this spooky holiday?

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