Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm dressed up as a Treasure Troll today! Check out my Youtube channel tomorrow to "Get Ready with Me" and see how I created this style. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween! What are you dressed up as tonight? Leave a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[clambake] Halloweenie

Halloween is almost here! Still need a costume or some last minute decorations? Here's a clambake of all of my Halloween-themed posts!

DIY Antlers for an earth-mother woodland-fairy costume
DIY Flapper Headband-- always a classic costume!
Pumpkin Decor DIY Inspiration-- lots of no-carve ideas for decorating with pumpkins this season!
DIY Skeleton Jeans for a comfy/spooky Halloween look
DIY Valfre Girl Costume Some simple makeup and clothes from your closet make this a quick costume you can pull together in minutes!
DIY Henna Pumpkins for the simplest way to decorate pumpkins!
Halloween season is so much fun. I love watching Nightmare Before Christmas and dressing up in costume :) What's your favorite part about this spooky holiday?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

[diy] Chloe-Inspired Chain Wrist Sweater

I spotted this Chloe Chain Wrist Cashmere Sweater the other day and instantly melted into a puddle. Once I pulled myself together, I checked the price tag and promptly melted back into another goopy puddle. This beauty comes in around $1075 (or $1200 for the cardigan version). I know it's cashmere, and incredible, but sometimes normal people of the world have to settle for something a little more realistic. Using some gold chain and a simple crew-neck sweater I bought last year at Salvation Army, I created my own version for under $6.
You will need:
Plain Crew-neck Sweater with Ribbed Cuffs
Medium-weight Gold Chain
Scissors and Jewelry Pliers
Needle, Matching Thread, and Straight Pins

Start by laying the sleeves of your sweater flat. Carefully cut a straight line across your sleeves about a half inch above the ribbing of your sleeve cuffs.

Roll the cut edges of the sleeves and the cuffs under and whip-stitch all the way around.
With your sleeves laid flat, measure across the rolled edge and multiply by two for the circumference of your sleeve. Cut two lengths of your gold chain and use jewelry pliers to open one end of each chain length. Loop the open links around the other end of the chains and close the links to create two small "bracelets". Make sure your hands will fit through the chain loops so that you will easily be able to put on and take off your sweater.
Line your chain loops up to the sleeves of your sweater so that the chains lay flat. Whip-stitch all the way around to secure your chains to the sleeves.
Do the same with the sweater cuffs on the other side of your chains. Tie off your thread and you're all done!

Did you try this DIY? I would love to see it! Leave a comment here or tweet a photo to me at @holehx.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

[diy inspiration] Sweater Weather

I've been haunting my local thrift stores ever since the first day of autumn, hoping to find sweaters to refashion into all of the DIY projects I want to do this year, but I haven't had any luck yet! I guess it's still too warm here in Southern California, but these projects have me dreaming of the cooler weather ahead!
No-Sew Open-Back Sweater at In Honor of Design
Exposed Zipper Sweater at Sweet Verbena
Felted Wool Sweater Blanket at Yellow Suitcase Studio
Felt Heart Elbow Patches at Superficial Girls
Bow Sweater at Love, Maegan...
Sweater Throw Pillows at Stone Gable
Versace-Inspired Pin Back Sweater at Love, Maegan...
Sweater Ornaments at Art and Obsession
Cable Knit Skirt at My Poppet
Shoulder Tie Sweater at Felted
Have you tried any of these DIY's? Are your thrift stores stocking bargain sweaters yet? Leave a comment and let me know!

Monday, October 20, 2014


"The great thing about fashion is that it always moves forward."
R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta

[video] Fall Makeup

As fall rolls around, tans fade, and daylight becomes a precious commodity. As much as I miss the abundant sunshine of summer, I love having the opportunity to change up my daily makeup to match the weather. Here's how I subtly mix deeper autumn tones into my everyday makeup routine.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ebolapocalypse: How to Style a Hazmat Suit

[Free Creative Commons]
Well, it's official. There have been TWO diagnosed cases of Ebola in the United States. If you want to stay ahead of the trends, the time to make an investment in a Hazmat suit is NOW. I mean, you wouldn't want to be the last one on the bandwagon and end up looking like the clipboard guy.
Luckily for you, onesies are already in-- but Hazmat onesies are a bit more complicated. First, you choose your protection level-- A, B, C, or D, with A being the most covetable couture, and D being the best bargain for your buck. Some of these break down further into the categories of gas-protection or splash-protection, but this decision really depends on the toxicity of your environment. You'll be lighting up every room you enter, as most suits are a classic eye-catching yellow, but you can also find them in more subtle black or white tones for formal occasions.
Once you've made a decision about what kind of suit is best for your body type and necessary level of infectious disease protection, you can choose your accessories! The type of respirator, gloves, and boots you choose are where you can really get creative and show off your personality. The combinations of colors and chemical-resistance options-- Teflon, heavy rubber, PVC, Tyvek? --the possibilities are endless! Turn up the volume with steel-toed boots for a more edgy emergency-management look, or don a floor length apron for a dressier feel with extra splash protection. 
This trend is coming in hot! Invest in one of these gorgeous suits before you are stuck repurposing your boyfriend's overdone Breaking Bad costume from last Halloween and find yourself with diarrhea and inexplicable internal hemorrhaging.
In all seriousness, though, you're probably not going to get Ebola. You should worry more about getting the actual flu. Educate yourself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[how to] Valfrè Girl Makeup

If you haven't seen Ilse Valfrè's adorable doodles plastered all over Instagram and Tumblr, you must be living under a rock. Valfrè's artwork has taken the internet by storm, with her drawings depicting sullen and beautiful, as well as incredibly relatable, girls in fantasy contexts. I love the look of these lovely ladies, and thought it would be a quick and easy costume to put together, as Halloween is just around the corner. Watch my video below to learn how to get the look!

 Artwork by Ilse Valfrè

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

insta love :: September

Soft serve with my sister at Souplantation!
OG dollin' and ballin' at Organized Grime. Crop tank from the Barbie capsule collection at F21.

Wow, I really didn't 'gram much this month. Sorry guys!

...and my "September Moments" compilation video:

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