Friday, August 1, 2014

insta love :: July

I've been saying yes to even more things than usual lately. I'm completely and totally overwhelmed, but it's all been worth it. Just do it!
My layered jello shots from our 4th of July Vegas trip! I found the recipe on Pinterest and modified it a little bit when I couldn't find all of the right ingredients :P
Working hard, or hardly working?
Saw this posted on a map in Hillcrest. Trust!
Hanging out with Jon Bishop at the end of his set at the Merrow.
Watching my friends' puppies while they were out of town for a wedding. Half-poodle/half-sharpay, and SO adorable! There were new poodle puppies in the house, too! So much puppy love up in that place.
Pretty flowers from boyfrannn in one of my parents' crystal vases.
Day party shade during the Pride parade!
I basically only communicate with people through emojis now.
Insomnia + boredom = Me going through all of my CD's from high school. Did anyone else decorate their burned mixes? This doodle meant "Off the hook". I don't even…yeah.
and my "July Moments" compilation video…

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