Monday, August 4, 2014

[DIY] Classy Kandi

Kandi bracelets have been a staple of festival fashion for as long as anyone can remember-- the bright colorful beads traded between new and old friends hold a lot of meaning and represent the PLUR values held by the electronic dance community. But kandi is super OBVIOUS. Just everything about it. I decided it was time for a revamp. Follow along to turn colorful plastic beads into ultra-chic arm-candy.
Pun intended.

You will need:
Jewelry posts, or straight lengths of heavier gauged wire
Letter beads
Smaller decorative beads
Chain, jump rings, and eyelet closures
Small jewelry pliers, Wire cutters

1. Lay out the letter beads for the word you want to spell out. If you are using jewelry posts like I did, it will be easier to use short words. If you want to make a longer word, use regular wire cut to the length you need, or split your word across two posts and link them together.
2. Use your jewelry pliers to bend one end of your post into a loop. 
3. Add your beads. If the holes on your letter beads are too large, add smaller seed beads on each end of your word to keep the larger beads from slipping off.
4. Bend the other end of your post into a loop, closing off your post so that it has a loop on either end.

Cut a few of your posts in half, or use remnants from posts that you put smaller words on and had left-over wire, and follow the same steps above, substituting one smaller decor bead for the letters. 
This is where you can get creative! Link one word charm with one of the decor charms you created, one on either side, or even a few! If you want to create a bracelet with multiple words, add one of the single-bead charms between each word. Just use your jewelry pliers to open the loops, link, and re-close them. Be sure that your loops are closed all the way so that they don't become un-linked.
Once you are happy with your chain of charms, open a link on the ends of your chain and add them to either side of your kandi charms. I can't provide measurements because every bracelet will be different, so measure around your wrist and cut your chain at the appropriate lengths. 
Add a jump ring and an eyelet closure to either side of your chain to complete your bracelet.
Just like with traditional kandi, the possibilities are endless! Use different colored letter beads, add more or less decorative beads, or add dangling charms. Wear one or wear a bunch! You may not be able to trade these bracelets the same way you would have before, but they still hold the same value and meaning, just with a more streamlined look.

Did you try this DIY? How did you personalize this project for yourself? Would you wear "classy kandi" or will you stick with traditional kandi? Leave a comment and let me know!

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