Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[diy inspiration] Henna Tattoos

Henna, or Mehndi, body art has been a tradition for thousands of years, mostly in the Mediterranean for wedding and fertility celebrations. The beautiful and detailed art has always been used to celebrate holidays and special occasions, so why not include festivals and events? Use henna to show your personality and adorn yourself in artwork that won't smear when you are dancing the night away or camping overnight at a festival. Kits can be ordered online and the design possibilities are endless! Other than a couple of tacky tramp stamp henna tatts from the shark shops in Panama City Beach as a teen, I have never tried henna, but I can't wait to start including it in my festival outfits! Here are some of my favorite designs and placements.

(This isn't actually henna, it's watercolor crayon, but I love the design, placement, and colors! This could be a less permanent solution if you don't want to commit to the two-ish weeks that henna usually lasts.)

Monday, August 18, 2014

[DIY] Kandi Charm Bracelet

 I love the bright and colorful look that kandi gives to the arms of ravers at every festival. It's so fun to see the different patterns, color combinations, and silly slogans that people come up with. As much as I love the way it looks, an armful of kandi bracelets can get bulky and hot. After the Classy Kandi DIY tutorial I posted a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take it a step further, from single bracelets, to one big massive bracelet-- a swankier version of the kandi cuff, if you will. I used the charms created for the single bracelets to create a charm bracelet with just as much color and excitement as a full kandi sleeve.

You will need:
Jewelry Chain, Large Jump Ring, and Lobster Clasp (or a simple chain bracelet)
Jewelry Posts
Letter Beads 
Decorative Beads in varying sizes
Jump Rings
Jewelry Pliers and Wire Cutters

 If you don't have an old chain link bracelet you can use, create one! Measure enough chain to go around your wrist, adding an inch or two. Then, open the chain links on either end of your bracelet length and attach a large jump ring on one end, and a lobster clasp on the other end. This bracelet will be the base for all of your charms.

Now create your charms! You can create a lot, for a fuller look, like the bracelet I created, or just a few, for a simpler look focused on a few special charms. To create each charm, slide beads onto a jewelry post and finish them off by bending a loop into the top with jewelry pliers. If the holes in your beads are too large, add a smaller seed bead or decorative bead first, to keep the rest from slipping off. Make sure your loops are closed tight to the post to make sure they don't slip off of your bracelet later.

 Be creative! Use letter beads to create words, or just initials, use decorative beads in different combinations, or use them both together. I also used some beads that were shaped as charms already, skipped the posts, and just attached them to my bracelet with jump rings.

For each charm, open a jump ring, slip on the loop of your post, and then close the jump ring around a link of the bracelet. Make sure your charms are evenly spaced around your bracelet. To create a bracelet this full, I added two to three charms to each link of my bracelet, spacing out my worded charms, my beaded charms, and my single beads.

Create a kandi charm bracelet for yourself, for your festy-besty, or trade charms with friends. Show off your personality with your favorite colors and beads, and words and phrases that are important to you. Just like traditional kandi, the possibilities are infinite!

Did you create this DIY project? How did it turn out? Would you try different kinds of kandi, or are you sticking with the traditional version? Leave a comment and let me know!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

DIY Classy Kandi @ Wantickets.com

Check out my Classy Kandi DIY post syndicated on the Wantickets Blog!

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Congratulations [[PLUR Package]] Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Enriqueta S. from Arizona! She has already claimed her prize and it will be sent out to her ASAP! Thanks to everyone who participated :) Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

[diy inspiration] Tie Dye

So basically every girl in America has had a summer sleepover with her girlfrannns tie dyeing every white article of clothing she could find before jamming out to a craft store to get a tie dye kit. The act of dyeing is actually really fun and every piece comes out unique. The bright colors and fun patterns are perfect for festival wear. I'm usually drawn to more subtle tie dye, like pastels and monochromatic patterns, to avoid looking like you copied your tie dye from a big box hippie halloween costume. Here are some of my favorite pieces, all of which can easily be diy'ed!


Monday, August 4, 2014

[DIY] Classy Kandi

Kandi bracelets have been a staple of festival fashion for as long as anyone can remember-- the bright colorful beads traded between new and old friends hold a lot of meaning and represent the PLUR values held by the electronic dance community. But kandi is super OBVIOUS. Just everything about it. I decided it was time for a revamp. Follow along to turn colorful plastic beads into ultra-chic arm-candy.
Pun intended.

You will need:
Jewelry posts, or straight lengths of heavier gauged wire
Letter beads
Smaller decorative beads
Chain, jump rings, and eyelet closures
Small jewelry pliers, Wire cutters

1. Lay out the letter beads for the word you want to spell out. If you are using jewelry posts like I did, it will be easier to use short words. If you want to make a longer word, use regular wire cut to the length you need, or split your word across two posts and link them together.
2. Use your jewelry pliers to bend one end of your post into a loop. 
3. Add your beads. If the holes on your letter beads are too large, add smaller seed beads on each end of your word to keep the larger beads from slipping off.
4. Bend the other end of your post into a loop, closing off your post so that it has a loop on either end.

Cut a few of your posts in half, or use remnants from posts that you put smaller words on and had left-over wire, and follow the same steps above, substituting one smaller decor bead for the letters. 
This is where you can get creative! Link one word charm with one of the decor charms you created, one on either side, or even a few! If you want to create a bracelet with multiple words, add one of the single-bead charms between each word. Just use your jewelry pliers to open the loops, link, and re-close them. Be sure that your loops are closed all the way so that they don't become un-linked.
Once you are happy with your chain of charms, open a link on the ends of your chain and add them to either side of your kandi charms. I can't provide measurements because every bracelet will be different, so measure around your wrist and cut your chain at the appropriate lengths. 
Add a jump ring and an eyelet closure to either side of your chain to complete your bracelet.
Just like with traditional kandi, the possibilities are endless! Use different colored letter beads, add more or less decorative beads, or add dangling charms. Wear one or wear a bunch! You may not be able to trade these bracelets the same way you would have before, but they still hold the same value and meaning, just with a more streamlined look.

Did you try this DIY? How did you personalize this project for yourself? Would you wear "classy kandi" or will you stick with traditional kandi? Leave a comment and let me know!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Modest Girl's Guide… @ Wantickets.com

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Friday, August 1, 2014

insta love :: July

I've been saying yes to even more things than usual lately. I'm completely and totally overwhelmed, but it's all been worth it. Just do it!
My layered jello shots from our 4th of July Vegas trip! I found the recipe on Pinterest and modified it a little bit when I couldn't find all of the right ingredients :P
Working hard, or hardly working?
Saw this posted on a map in Hillcrest. Trust!
Hanging out with Jon Bishop at the end of his set at the Merrow.
Watching my friends' puppies while they were out of town for a wedding. Half-poodle/half-sharpay, and SO adorable! There were new poodle puppies in the house, too! So much puppy love up in that place.
Pretty flowers from boyfrannn in one of my parents' crystal vases.
Day party shade during the Pride parade!
I basically only communicate with people through emojis now.
Insomnia + boredom = Me going through all of my CD's from high school. Did anyone else decorate their burned mixes? This doodle meant "Off the hook". I don't even…yeah.
and my "July Moments" compilation video…

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