Friday, July 4, 2014

[DIY] Gypsy Flag

So I wanted to post an Independence Day themed DIY project, but really how many ways can you put an American flag on some denim cutoffs? I finally found inspiration on the archived Bohemian Vintage blog. As I've been trying harder, lately, to use more of my fabric and crafting stash, as opposed to buying new materials for every project, this was the perfect piece for me to create. I only had to buy the flag, although I did purchase a few extra trim remnants to add some more interest to the piece.
You will need:
3' x 5' American Flag
Long Fabric Strips
Textured Ribbon and Trim
Sewing Machine
Start by laying your flag out flat and planning how you will arrange your fabrics, ribbons, and trims. Leave your blue field of stars the way it is. Or don't! Remember, this isn't supposed to look perfect and the lengths don't even have to span the entire flag. Just make sure to mix up the colors and textures evenly across your flag.
Use your sewing machine to attach your trims from the edges of the flag, working your way into the center. Start with your flat trims like fabric and ribbon. All of the trims, like fringe, will be added later.
 When you sew the strips of fabric and ribbon, use a zigzag stitch to tack down the edges of two pieces at a time. This saves time and thread!
 Here is what my flag looked like when I had finished adding my flat trims. I had also added some of my lace during these steps to save time. Notice how the ends of the strips don't all reach the end of the flag-- this was intentional! I wanted to continue the "mis-matched" feeling of the flag by ending all of the trims at different lengths. Be sure to sew a zigzag stitch across the raw ends of these fabrics so that they don't fray farther than you want them to.
 Next, lay out your "fancier" trims and plan where each of those will go as well. Sew these down the edges of your flag, around the blue field, and down the sides of your ribbons. You should use different machine stitches depending on which trim you are attaching.

 Finish your flag by sewing a piece of trim across the left side of your flag where it would usually attach to a flag pole. When you are sewing the trim down, be careful to leave the grommets accessible, so that you can use them to hang your flag.
So, yes, this is technically illegal, but so is wearing a flag on any clothing that isn't a uniform. Just be sure to create your flag in an artistic and respectful manner. Don't let your flag touch the ground while you are sewing and do not cut your flag. We are creating in the name of our great nations birthday!

Did you try this DIY? If you are from somewhere other than the States, did you adapt this technique for your own nation's flag? Leave a comment and let me know!

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