Tuesday, July 1, 2014

[DIY] Doily Dreamcatcher Shirt

Dreamcatchers are originally a Native American creation made to hang above your bed to catch your dreams and get rid of your nightmares. These beautiful webbed rings hold very special meanings, so I wanted to create one myself. I added this dreamcatcher to the back of a chambray button-down, perfect for a summer festival, or an Independence Day backyard barbecue.
You will need:
Chambray Tank
Large Crocheted Doily
Cotton Rope and Ribbons
Sewing Machine and Pins
Start by unbuttoning the tank and laying it out so that the back of the tank is flat. Lay your doily out in the center of the tank and make sure it is lined up.
Pin the doily to the shirt being careful not to stretch it.
 Sew around the edges of the doily, as well as across the doily vertically and horizontally, to keep it from stretching or drooping. I preferred to use my sewing machine for this step, but you can also hand sew.
Cut lengths of cotton string about a foot long. Double your strands and knot them on the bottom of your doily. Trim the ends of the strings and be sure to seal the ends with a lighter or a dot of clear nail polish to keep them from fraying.
If you want to get creative, add beads or feathers to the ends of your cotton strings! Be very careful with this piece when you wash it, especially if you add embellishments to your cotton ropes.

Did you try this DIY? How are you inspired by dreamcatchers? Leave a comment and let me know!

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