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The Modest Girl's Guide to Rave Wear

Attending a rave, or a music festival, can be an incredible life changing moment in a fashionista's life.  The music, the colors, the lights, the vibes, the feeling-- everything about these events is magical. Especially the fashion. You look around and everyone is in costume. Guys and gals alike are covered in glitter, glowing lights, and bright colors. One thing all these events have in common, though, is that it's HOT. At EDC Vegas, June temperatures reach above 100 degrees, and even at an indoor event with air conditioning, the sheer amount of people in such a small space will have the raver rain dripping from the ceiling before you can even put your hands up for Detroit.
Party-goers have found ways to keep cool, like staying hydrated, or camping out near an AC vent, or...wearing no clothes. Gone are the days of phat pants, droopy hats, and baggy sweatshirts. At today's raves, you will find yourself surrounded by shirtless bros wearing lense-less hipster glasses and chicks in booty shorts and glitter pasties. So what's a girl to do when she wants to dress up in her raver best, but feels less-than-comfortable wearing nothing more than a couple of rhinestones stuck on with eyelash glue?

Before I get any further, for all of you nitpickers out there, let's define what I mean by "modest". For the sake of discussion, we're speaking in the context of contemporary raving. I'm not talking, like, Mormon-underwear-modest, or Saudi-princess-tent-modest. This isn't a guide to guarding your virtue or anything. This is simply a list of ideas for girls who want to be slightly more covered up, in a realistic sort of way. Some of these ideas might not be for you, but hopefully it will get your creativity flowing towards something that works for you. Not that it's wrong to attend a rave in glitter and your birthday suit if that's what makes you happy, but you CAN look cute at these events without showing a ton of skin.
Kimono Cover Ups
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Haven't done enough bicep curls to show off your arms? Maybe you want to tone down the amount of skin your crop top is showing? Flowy Kimono-style cover ups have been popular for a couple of years now and are easily found at any contemporary junior's store. It would also be super easy to create a custom one for yourself with a yard of sheer fabric and some fringe. These cover-ups are usually light enough not to make you too hot, light enough to carry without a hassle if you decide to take it off, and the fringe bounces around while you dance!

Longline Bras and Corsets
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Love the look of custom rhinestone rave bras, but don't want to feel like you're walking around in your underwear? Try a longline bra, bustier, or corset. They give the same feeling as lingerie, without as much bare skin, and can be customized in the same ways. Many shops sell crop-tops in the "bustier" style that are more comfortable and inexpensive. For a girl like me, with a larger bust, I prefer this option because it makes me feel more secure so I can dance without popping out!

High Waisted Everythanggg
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If you do decide to wear a crop top or bra, balance it out with a pair of high waisted shorts or a skirt. This trend has cycled back into fashion and can not only be found in many contemporary shops, but at every thrift store as well.

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If you prefer attire that is less form-fitting, try a sundress or skater skirt in a bright color or pattern. The movement of the dress will be fun on the dance floor, but remember to wear shorts underneath so you can groove on down without the fear of accidentally flashing your undies at the girl next to you who is wearing only a thong.

Legwarmers and Over-the-Knee Socks or Stockings
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Go ahead and wear the short shorts, but balance your bare skin and brighten up your outfit with leg warmers, fluffy leg warmers, or over-the-knee socks or stockings. I like to do this because I'm a shorty, so it sets the proportions of my outfits right. My favorite is to layer a few of these options together-- for example, fishnet stockings, with over-the-knee socks or a larger knit fishnet in a contrasting color over that, and then fluffies to finish. It's a colorful way to give the illusion of height.

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Okay, so I know I always say leggings are not pants, but pants are not a requirement here, so you get a free pass. Go for it. For real, just the brightest, most eye-assualting pair you can find. Wear them alone or under a tutu for a little extra coverage.

Tank Tops
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You really can't go wrong here. Tank tops come in every color and pattern, don't cost a ton, and can be paired with anything, from high waisted, low rise, skirts, shorts, pants, tutus, or whatever. It is the simplest way to cover up a little bit more.

Old School
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Show the fetus ravers whats up with a pair of phat pants. Dare to wear a crop top (or a sports bra if you are committed to the old school look! And it will be hot inside your tent pants), or tone it down with a basic tank top. You will be getting compliments all night for bringing back the original style and for having the confidence not to dress like the rest of the pack!

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Many rave outfits are themed costumes. Skip the lingerie and animal ears and get creative! Dress up as your favorite cartoon, princess, tv character-- whatever. Cut up an old halloween costume and customize it for your needs and event. Wear a version of the costume that you feel comfortable in, and you will shine. 
Or just put on a banana suit. But be prepared for people to ask for pictures with you all night. Ravers LOVE people in banana suits.

An outfit can be a fun way to get in the spirit of the event, and although there may be a theme, or restrictions put in place for safety, there is no dress code for a true rave. At events like these, it doesn't matter what you're wearing, whether its a lot or a little, as long as you are comfortable, confident, and project the PLUR values (Peace, Love, Unity Respect) that the EDM community was built on.
Are you attending any festivals this summer? What will you be wearing? What other ways can raver girls dress to cover up and still look cute? Leave a comment and let me know! 
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