Monday, June 2, 2014

[DIY] Vinyl Heart Flannel

Flannel is back in a HUGE way right now. As someone who was actually alive in the nineties, I can't bring myself to tie anything around my waist, but I did want to accept the (very comfy) flannel trend with open arms by finding other interesting ways to wear this lumberjack print. For this project, I added clear vinyl to the back of my flannel to create a fun peek-a-boo effect and add different textures to my piece. To create your own, see the tutorial below.
You will need:
Oversized flannel (I picked up an inexpensive one at the thrift store)
Clear Vinyl
Scrap Paper
Sewing Machine
 Start by creating a template for your heart shape. I used a sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper so that my heart would be large enough to span the entire back of my shirt.
Fold your paper in half, draw half of a heart, cut on the line, and open to reveal your full symmetrical heart. (Or whatever shape you want--Be creative!)
 Line up your heart in the center back of your flannel and trace around it with chalk. Make sure that your heart is exactly where you want it.
 Lay out a piece of clear vinyl that is larger than your heart. Place the vinyl underneath your heart, on the inside of your shirt. Leave the paper backing, sandwiching the vinyl between fabric and paper. If you are using vinyl that didn't come with paper backing, you can use tissue paper.
 Pin around your heart chalk outline.
 Use your sewing machine to sew around your heart. You can do this part by hand, if you choose, but it will be much easier with a machine.
 From the inside of your shirt, cut around the outside of your heart to remove extra vinyl.
 Flip back to the outside of you shirt and cut out the flannel from the inside of your heart, leaving about a centimeter of extra fabric.
Use your fingers to gently pull on the threads of the flannel to fray the extra fabric lining your heart. Then, remove the paper backing from the inside of your shirt to complete this project.

It would also be fun to try this DIY with other fabrics, like lace, mesh, or even other flannel prints, in place of the clear vinyl.

Did you try this DIY? What is your favorite way to wear flannel? Leave a comment and let me know!

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