Thursday, June 5, 2014

[DIY] Simone Rocha Inspired Wire Crown

Birthday girls get to wear birthday crowns on their birthday day. This year, I decided to forego my usual rhinestone tiara and try something a little more chic, so I DIY'ed my own crown like the gorgeous accessories from Simone Rocha's F/W 2011 runway show.
 You will need:
16 gauge Wire (I used to packs of 7 ft)
26 gauge Wire (I only used a few feet)
Wire Cutters
Jewelry Pliers
Optional: Beads, Chain, etc.
 Start by wrapping your 16 gauge wire around your head twice to create a doubled-up circle. Wrap the ends together, but don't cut your wire.
 With the long end of the wire, pull it straight up from your hoop. Using pliers, bend the wire into a sharp point where you want the crown to peak. Bend your wire into a U shape and create another sharp point where you want the next peak. Do not make points in the downward wires, only at the top of each peak.
 As you work your way around your hoop, occasionally (and whenever you run out of wire and have to add in another piece) connect the wire to the hoop and wrap it around a couple of times. The photo above is what your crown should generally look like when you have created crown points all the way around your hoop.
 Next, you will use your lighter gauged wire to give your crown more support and, if you like, a way to add decorations to your crown.
 Start by wrapping the 26 gauge wire, about two inches above your hoop, around any of the wires that run straight up and down connecting to the hoop. Work your way around your crown, wrapping around any wire that you cross two inches above the hoop. For my crown, I decided to run my lighter wire around again a second time, about a centimeter above the first lighter wire.
As you wrap your lighter gauged wire, you can thread on beads randomly around the crown. When you've finished wrapping, use smaller pieces of wire to secure chains to your crown and create draped sections around your wires.
 Here is my finished crown! As much as I love the original inspiration, I love the extra touch of whimsy that the beads and swags of chain give it. Have fun with this project-- it's not supposed to look perfect.
 Did you try this DIY? Would you wear this piece as a birthday crown? Leave a comment and let me know!

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