Monday, May 12, 2014

[wishlist] Travel Essentials

This summer, I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do lots of traveling. While planning out my schedule and packing lists, I put together this list of essential items for every journey:

1. Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Travel Size Body Lotion
The eucalyptus spearmint scent of this lotion makes me feel refreshed and calm. The travel size is perfect for saving space in your luggage and saving your sanity in a busy airport.

Music is a must for any amount of time spent on a plane or in a car. I prefer over-ear headphones for their comfort and ability to block out other noises, and these headphones fold up to fit easily in your carry-on. 

3. Mark and Graham Leather Passport Case
If you get to travel out of the country this summer, a passport wallet is a great way to organize all of your identification, tickets, and even money, for easy access while you get through airports.

Travel always makes me look tired and dries out my skin. Along with some mascara and pressed powder, this teeny tiny palette will take your look straight from the airport to your destination.

Weather and AC conditions can be unpredictable on long trips. Bring a scarf that can double as a blanket instead of freezing when you arrive in a gray climate or picking up germs from an overused  airplane blanket. 

6. Reading Material [free iPad books here]
iPads make it so convenient to read anywhere and everywhere. Sign up for electronic versions of your magazine subscriptions and download books before you leave instead of schlepping three half read magazines and a couple trashy romance novels across the country.

I spend a good amount of each day checking in to emails and social media on my phone and tablet, especially when I'm traveling. Airport outlets are few and far between, and often taken up by businessmen with laptops paying far too much for wifi. Bring along a portable charger so that you don't encounter a travel emergency with a dead battery. 

8. Reed & Barton Travel Jewelry Case
Because I try to pack simple clothes that I can wear a couple times each whenever I travel, accessories become a vital factor in keeping my outfits from all looking the same. A travel jewelry case will keep your gems from getting broken, tangled, or lost in the bottom of your makeup bag.

What are your travel essentials? Where are you going this summer? Leave a comment and let me know!

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