Monday, May 19, 2014

[diy inspiration] Graduation Gift Guide

Most graduation gift ideas involve money, and while that is great, especially for the recipient, sometimes you want to give something a little bit more personal. Here are a few DIY ideas I rounded up around Pinterest to inspire pomp and circumstance.
1. Vinyl Monogram Decals. When sharing a space in a tiny cinderblock room with a couple other people, as well as a hallway full of floor mates, possessions can get mixed up easily. Give your grad a set of monogram stickers in different sizes so that they can label their belongings without looking like mom just hauled them off to sleep away camp. If you have a Silhouette or Krylon machine, you can create your own, and if not, search Etsy for sellers that can create custom vinyl stickers for you. [photo]

2. Tshirt Quilt. If you are really dedicated to creating something awesome for your graduate, and you can sew in a straight line, collect all of their high school activity tees and turn them into a blanket of awesome memories that will literally be able to keep them warm on homesick nights. This project will be perfect again in a few years after your grad has regrown a whole new collection of college tees! There are tons of tutorials out there for this project, but THIS one is my favorite. [photo]

3. Laundry Bag. Sew up a laundry bag using sturdy material and a drawstring using THIS tutorial. Don't forget to throw in a couple rolls of quarters and some homemade laundry detergent! Embroider your college freshman's name or monogram on one side so there's no question about who's dirty socks lurk within. [photo]

4. The Coolest Water Bottle Ever. Grab your grad a water bottle with a compartment for their dorm key and student ID. Throw it in a basket with a (monogrammed) gym towel for them to take to the gym, or with caffeinated drink mix packets for long nights of studying at the library. [source]

5. Collage Letter. Cut the graduate's first initial out of foam core and use Mod Podge to collage pictures of family and high school friends onto the giant letter. This will make a great keepsake and the perfect dorm decoration to remind them of home. [source]

Do you have a friend or family member graduating this year? Did you gift them any of these ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

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