Monday, May 26, 2014

[diy inspiration] DIY Wedding Gift Guide

Going to weddings can get super expensive, especially if you are attending a few in one season. As nice as it is that so many people want to include you in their big day, the travel, celebration, and gift expenses can rack up quickly. If you are having trouble finding the dough for all of this season's nuptials, try picking up one of the smaller gifts on the couple's registry and pair it with a personal and custom DIY keepsake that they will treasure forever.
1. Framed Monogram. Cut out the newlyweds' new monogram and frame it sandwiched in glass. Choose a simple font and frame so that the piece can grow with a young couples ever-changing decor tastes. [source]

2. Recipe Box. Decorate a small wooden box from the craft store. Make dividers out of scrapbook paper and write your favorite family recipes on notecards. Gift this with that fancy cooking gadget the newlyweds registered for. [source]

3. Etched Baking Dish. Use stencils and glass etching cream to customize a pyrex dish for the newlyweds first casserole. You could also try this with wine glasses, a vase, a Christmas ornament, or anything on their registry made of glass. [source]

4. First Dance Photo Mat. Use your best script to write out the lyrics to the couple's "first dance" song on a photo mat. Include a gift card for photo printing, so they can print their favorite wedding photos, including one of their first dance for their new frame. [source]

5. Photo Coasters. Mod Podge photos of the bride and groom to 4x4 tiles from the hardware store. This would be a great gift to go with the tumblers, ice bucket, or bar set from their registry! [source]

Are any of your friends getting married this season? Did you try out any of these DIY's, or did you stick strictly to their registry? Leave a comment and let me know!

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