Thursday, May 8, 2014

[DIY] Gilded Magnet Letters

Every toddler had magnetic alphabet letters on their fridge to play with and spell out baby words while they played in the kitchen growing up. Except me. Now that I'm older, I wanted to get my own alphabet to play with, but I'm over the crazy mixed up colors and wanted to try something a little more chic. This is a simple tutorial to create a grown up version of a beloved childhood toy.
You will need:
Magnetic letters
Spray Primer
Gold Spray Paint
Newspaper or work surface to paint on
Magnetic Surface
 First, lay out all of your letters face up on your newspaper. Coat all of your pieces in primer, following the directions on the can. Make sure to get in all of the little corners and crevices.
Once your primer has dried and cured, spray your letters with gold spray paint, once again, getting into all of the little in-between spaces. Let dry according to the directions on your paint.
 My fridge isn't magnetic, and I wanted my letters in my room, so I used this magnetic dry-erase board and the magnetic pencil cup to hold extra letters, both from Walmart, and command strips to hang my board.
 This project was so simple and made such a difference in my desk space. I love being able to take down quick phone numbers and spell out titles for my dry erase to-do lists. If you can't find magnetic letters (I got mine super cheap on eBay), you can use wooden craft letters or scrabble letters (skip the paint!) with magnets glued to the back. 
 Did you try this DIY project? Did you have alphabet magnets while you were growing up? Leave a comment and let me know!

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