Thursday, May 15, 2014

[DIY] Boot Pocket

When I came across photos of these gorgeous boots by Elizabeth Anne on Pinterest, I instantly fell in love. Boots like these are the answer to all those times where you need to hang on to a couple things, like your phone, a house key, credit card, etc, but still want to have your hands free-- like at music festivals, a night out dancing, or while traveling. While these specific boots weren't in the cards for me, I knew I could DIY something similar with a pair of boots I already owned.

You will need:
Boots (the stiffer the leather, the better!)
Faux leather in a similar color
E-6000 Glue

Lay out your faux leather and trace out a rectangle shape with tabs on 3 sides. I used my phone as a guide because that is what my pocket will be used for. Make sure the tabs are at least twice as long as the thickness of your phone.
This is what your shape should look like. Pre fold the tabs around the edges of the rectangle and lengthwise halfway across each tab.
Apply glue around the outer edges of the tabs and wait for it to get tacky.
Place your pocket into your boot toward the top of your boot. Fold in the tabs on your pockets to make a sort of rectangular "phone sized" box against the boot. Use clothespins (if they will reach!) to clamp down your leather while the glue dries.
When the glue dries, you should have a place to put your phone or bank cards or whatever you need to keep around without lugging out a purse. Your belongings will be safe and sound, snug in your boot pocket!
Did you create this DIY? What are your essential items for a hands-free night out? Leave a comment and let me know!

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