Monday, April 14, 2014

[what i wore] Kimonos and Clouds

 San Diego weather just can't pull itself together lately. It's cloudy, but hot and muggy, then the sun comes out, but its freezing and windy. And after the sun sets is an entirely separate story. So getting dressed lately is this awful drawn out antagonizing thing because like whaaaaat really am I even doing. But whatever. I haven't done one of these posts in foreverrrrr. But I guess this is my "What I Would Wear If I Wasn't at Coachella" outfit.
Because I wasn't at Coachella. And that's totally fine.
Is it EDC yet?
Black Wide Brim Straw Hat from somewhere random on eBay, Cream Sheer and Lace Kimono (that I added some extra fringe to) from Forever 21, Floral Smocked Sundress by Poetry from Closet, Black OTK Socks from another random eBay seller, Black Lace Up Wedges by Bamboo from Pink Zone

Turquoise Cuff from Forever 21 and Mermaid Crown Ring from Pink Zone
Photos by Diva Hammad

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