Monday, April 7, 2014

[diy inspiration] Anthropologie

This past week I finally went to Anthropologie for my very first time! There has been a location at a mall in my town for a while, and I always pass by, to admire their AMAZING windows, of course, but I had never actually gone inside. The store itself is beautiful and everything they sell is gorgeous. As I was browsing, I realized that many of anthro's offerings were DIY-able. Here are a few of my ideas for how to recreate some of these pretty pieces.

[Tahitian Dusk Dress]
Gather tulle or sheer fabric over a simple skater dress, sew at the waist, and skip the hem.
[Frond Furl Sun Hat]
Although a straw hat would fray if it was cut into, a wool hat would give a similar effect. Use chalk to outline a pattern on the hat and use an exact knife to cut out your shapes.
[Emerson Pullover]
Add lace from a thrifted antique table cloth to the front and hems of a plain sweater. Keep the sweater from looking too "granny-ish" by using a colored bias tape or ribbon to trim the collar.
[Root-Needles Necklace]
Add a whole pack of silver bobby pins to a cord and use wire cutters to vary the lengths of the pins. Place the longer pins in the center and shorter ones to the outside.

Cut a rounded triangle shape out of the front of a shirt, creating a sweetheart neckline without cutting into the original collar of the shirt. Cut shapes out of the fabric you just removed and sew them back onto the shirt to hold the shape of your cutout.
[Flower Child Painted Eyeglass Case]
Recreate the look of this eyeglass case by cutting the shape out of faux leather, or painting directly onto a plain kiss-lock coin purse. Add flowers from your craft store's scrapbooking section to the corners of the eyeglass shape.
Add bright red lace appliqués to a lace skater dress. If your fabric store doesn't carry red lace, try dying some plain white lace with fabric dye.
[Bloom Hoops]
Make tassels out of embroidery thread and add them to some simple hoop earrings. Trim the tassels so that they are all short and even, and finish your hoops off by wrapping more embroidery thread around any exposed metal. This would be a great project for some old cheap earrings that have lost their shine.

There are a few different ways to recreate the look of this dress. You could go ahead and try your hand at beading, using large beads like the ones here, use trims stacked in a row, or sew a bib necklace across the neckline of your dress, removing the extra chain and closure.
[Chevron Raffia Clutch]
Thrift stores are usually teeming with woven straw clutches and bags this time of year. Find a plain one and use a sharpie to color a chevron pattern on your straw.
[Watercolor Chatty Tee]
Find a white shirt with a simple black and white graphic (or paint your own!) and then stamp colorful dots in the white space of your tee.

Hot glue hair clips to the back of vintage appliqués. Use them to decorate your hairdo, as shoe clips, or decorate your bags or clothes, similar to how you would use a brooch.

Have you ever been to an Anthropologie store? Aren't they fabulous!? Leave a comment or tweet a photo if you try any of these DIY's. I would love to see how they turn out!

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