Tuesday, April 8, 2014

[diy inspiration] Anthropologie House & Home

Yesterday, I posted HERE about DIY inspiration from Anthropologie's clothing collection. Not only did I peruse the clothing section for ideas, but today I'm bringing you even more DIY-able goodness from the "House & Home" section of their store. My favorite part of the Anthropologie website is the "One of a Kind" section of housewares-- there are many beautiful artistic pieces!

Although these scarf hangers are not nearly the most expensive home accessories at Anthro, but they can be easily recreated by taking a pair of needle-nose pliers to some wire hangers. You could create more shapes than just a circle or a rectangle. I think these would look cool in a zig zag shape to hang and separate scarves and ties. A quick coat of gold spray paint classes them up another level.
[You Are My Sunshine Pillow, $198]
 Start with a plain pillowcase (sew your own, or try this inexpensive option from IKEA). Stamp your favorite sweet song lyrics using rubber alphabet stamps and fabric paint.
[Library Letter, $20]
 Using thrifted books, trace your desired letters on to their covers using chalk. You will need access to a band saw or scroll saw to carefully cut your books into letter shapes.
[Sentamentalist Pillow, $148]
 Again, starting with a plain pillowcase, cut out X's and O's from a complementary fabric. Sew around the edges of the letters and then fray the raw edges of the fabric.
[Fable Foret Clock, $58-$68]
You can seriously make a clock out of anything. Find a print of an animal you like, mount it on foam core, and follow the instructions on your clock kit (which can be found at your local craft store).

Spice up your boring old desk accessories by adding clawed feet to their bottoms! Find some old toy animal figures and cut their feet off. Use a strong glue like E-6000 to adhere them, making sure everything can still balance. Give everything an even coat of spray paint to give your desk decor a coherent look.
[Wire Script Sculpture, $48-$58]
 Trace out a word on paper and duplicate it by bending a medium gage wire into the shape of your chosen word.
[Forest Fragment Mirror, $1,800]
 Scour flea markets and resale shops to collect antique building leftovers to frame a mirror.
[Ikat Monogram Letter, $16]
 Starting with wooden letters from your craft store, paint a base color and then cover the front of your letter with pieces of scrapbook paper or fabric in differing patterns.
[High Over Brighton Shadow Box, $1,200]
 Frame a map of somewhere special in a shadowbox. Place bird stickers on the map and the glass of your shadowbox in a flight pattern to create depth and add color.
[Cumulus Glassware, $10-$14]
 Use glass paint to create streaks of color on simple boring glassware.
[Air Plant Pod, $10]
 Start with plain planters (or papier mache your own!) and paint the top, to create a paint-dipped look.
[Tassel Trace Pillow, $58]
To create texture, sew stripes of pom-pom trim in horizontal rows across a plain pillowcase.
[Handcrafted Hanging Block, $188] 
Add rope to a wooden planter box and hang it sideways on a wall to create a floating shelf.

What is your favorite piece from Anthropologie's home collection? Would you try any of these DIY's? Send me a photo and leave a comment if you do!

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