Friday, April 25, 2014

[clambake] Festival Season DIY's

With two weekends of Coachella down and tons of other weekend-long events on the way, that time of year has finally returned: festival season! I have tons of DIY projects planned for this summer's season, but first, let's review:

How To: Update Boring Clothes
 Because it's always HOT during festivals, keep cool in some breezy pom-pom trimmed shorts.
DIY: Glitter Cowboy Boots
If you are headed to a country music festival, these attention-grabbing glitter boots are sure to sparkle. This DIY could also work on any kind of canvas or leather shoes, in case country crooners aren't your style.
DIY: Flower Crown
 Flower crowns are a must for every festival, so you can still feel pretty while you get drunk in the dirt and heat all day.
DIY: Flower Headbands
 If you can't commit to a full on head-bouquet, try one of these simpler towered headpieces.
DIY: Spirit Animal Hood
Spirit Hoods have been popular for a few years now. They are crazy comfortable and help keep you warm when desert temperatures drop after dark.
How To: Avoid a Hangover
 We all know, festivals often come with coolers of beer at your tailgate party and ten dollar margaritas inside the venue. Follow these tips to avoid a hangover and keep your party going for all three days of your festival fancy. Remember to drink responsibly and always stay hydrated if you are out in the heat!
DIY: Eye-Catching Sunnies
If you're out in the sun all day, don't forget to protect your peepers so you can still see all of your favorite musical acts! These stunnas can be customized to match your outfit and will sure to be conversation starters with all the new friends you are going to meet!
How To: Daisy Dukes
Daisy dukes and mom-shorts are another staple of festival fashion. Learn how to patch your most
hole-y denim before you are flashing other festival-goers on the dance floor.
How To: Survive a Music Festival
And finally, my pro-tips for keeping it all together during whatever festival or event you happen to be attending this summer. Follow these instructions and you are sure to have a great time.
Lot's of people like to make fun or talk smack about this festival or that one, or how much they cost, or how "mainstream" they might be, but as long as you are having fun and making happy memories with your friends (and staying off of instagram), the opinions of all of the basic little haters just become whiny complaints from people who are bored and stuck at home behind their computer screens.
Keep checking back here for more festival DIY's to keep you creating all summer!

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