Monday, January 13, 2014

[DIY] Button-Covered Bag

So once upon a time, I saw a really cool snapback that was covered in buttons and studs and gold and rhinestones and I needed it in my life. The only problem being that I am not really a snapback-wearing kind of girl. I needed a way to incorporate this motif into my more feminine style. I decided that a purse covered in buttons and studs and gold and rhinestones would be the perfect button and stud and gold and rhinestoned accessory. This DIY would be great if you already have a button collection that needs to be showcased, but I found inexpensive button lots on eBay. The purse I used was found at Salvation Army, although this DIY could also work on a hat or any other sturdy soft-sided accessory.
You will need:
Small purse or clutch
a whole bunch of gold buttons (I got mine here)
Needle, thread, and a thimble 
Optional: Larger showcase button and studs
If you want, start with your large button (like the lion on the hat pictured above), slightly off center from your bag or hat. Secure it with the needle and thread, and punch your studs through in a circle around the large button. Following the directions for whatever kind of studs you are using, make sure they are secure. I skipped this step and only used buttons on my bag.
Pick a spot on the outer edge of your purse and sew down your first button. If you don't know how to sew a button, get your life together. You can google it. Bring your needle back up through the back of the fabric right at the edge of the first button and sew down your next button so that it slightly overlaps the first. I tried to avoid sewing through the lining of my bag, but it was way too difficult with the leather.
Continue overlapping your buttons, being sure to alternate the patterns and sizes of your buttons so that no two next to each other are alike. Use manageable lengths of thread, since it will be much easier to tie them off (on the inside of your purse) and start a new length.
Keep going! 
(Excuse my pajama pants and messy coffee table. This DIY took me two Harry Potter movies to finish!)
Once you have covered the front of your bag, go back and sew buttons into any areas that look sparse or don't overlap enough. Put your needle through the front of your bag and finish off by tying your thread in a sturdy knot on the inside of your bag.
Now you have a more girly take on the blinged-out snapback!
Did you like this DIY? Will you be making one? Leave a comment and let me know. Send me pictures if you make one yourself!

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