Monday, November 11, 2013

[DIY] Tiered Tray

You will need:
Two Brass Candlesticks
Three Wired Metal Bowls (in different sizes)
E6000 or another heavy-duty metal glue

I collected the pieces for my tiered tray over time at thrift stores and on eBay. The metals I used are not exactly the same color, but have similar tones, giving it a vintage feel.
 First, clean all of your pieces, especially if you got them from thrift stores. Put a thin line of E6000 glue around the bottom of your candlesticks and glue them to the center of your two larger bowls. Let the glue dry overnight.
 After your glue has dried and cured, glue around the top of both candlesticks and stack the middle bowl on top of the candlestick on the larger bowl. Glue the smallest bowl to the top of the stack. My smallest bowl is actually another wider candle-holder turned upside-down. Let your glue dry overnight again.
If you don't like the look of metal, you can thrift other items instead. Glass plates or bowls with crystal candlesticks would make a beautiful version of this project.
 Tiered trays are so popular right now in home decor and can be used to organize lots of things. The first couple of pictures show my tiered tray holding my sewing supplies, and the last few pictures show it corralling my makeup on my dresser.

If you did this project, what would you use it for? Leave a comment and let me know!

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