Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[DIY] Marquee Letter Light

I recently changed around some of the decor in my bedroom, including painting some furniture and hanging curtains to add a few touches of sleek and sophisticated black into my girly room. I had come across a DIY tutorial for a marquee light on the Oh So Pretty blog and was dying to try it. I followed their basic tutorial with just a couple of changes to make it my own.
Because I wanted a black letter, I used black foam core instead of painting over white. 
All of the edges of my letter "H" were straight, so I used all foam core instead of a combination of foam core and poster board. This definitely helped to make my light more sturdy, but it was not easy to cut all of the edges perfectly!
I also wanted to give my letter an old-timey circus feel. I searched all over for little globe Christmas lights, but it was the wrong time of year when I made this project and there were none to be found! I had to compromise, so before I put my strand of regular lights in, I popped small clear ornament bulbs that I found at Michael's into the front of my letter, used hot glue to secure them, and then added the lights from behind.
This is how it looks hung with the cord tucked in the back, but if I want to use the light, the cord shows. Any ideas how to hide it?
I love how this marquee light looks as a focal point in my room! Don't forget to head over to Oh So Pretty: The Diaries for their tutorial and make sure you check out Casey and Savannah's other adorable DIY's while you're there!

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