Monday, August 12, 2013

[wishlist] end of summer

Although the days here in San Diego are still warm and sunny, the prevalence of back-to-school sales and completed vacation photo albums being posted to Facebook mark the beginning of the end of summer. I am no longer a student, so a "summer break" doesn't really exist for me any more, but I still got to have lots of "summer" experiences this year, including cheering on horses at the Del Mar racetrack, petting goats at the county fair, singing along to Kaskade's set with a hundred thousand other people in the desert at EDC, and chasing crabs on the beach at night in Panama City. Even though this magical summer is almost over, it's only going to get hotter here in San Diego. Here is what I'm currently craving for the time left before the weather cools down:

1 & 2 Viceroy Palm Springs (photo photo) I've already been on my vacation this summer, but if I could squeeze in one more weekend getaway, this would be it. I love imagining myself relaxing by the pool with its striped cabanas by day and toasting the summer with sweet drinks and a special someone in the bar by night.

3 Beach Riot Palm Print One-Piece from Revolve Clothing HERE Speaking of relaxing by the pool, I've been crazy about palm print ANYTHING all summer. Although the strapless super deep V front wouldn't suit my particularly busty frame, the large simple print and clean lines are to die for.

Rainy Day (photo) As much as I appreciate how fortunate we are to have beautiful sunny weather year round in southern California, its nice to have a rainy day every now and then. I love laying in bed with an actual paper book, turning real pages, and sipping on a cup of green tea while the rain comes down outside.

5 & 6 Macarons and Paris (photo photo) While my Palm Springs daydreams might actually be attainable, my out-there, runaway imagination, reach daydream has always been France. Close your eyes and think of a hot Parisian summer in light floaty dresses, waiting for a breeze on a terrance while you look out at the twinkling lights of the city after the sun goes down. I've got to find a bakery in San Diego that sells macarons!

Lorde- The Love Club EP (photo) I don't often listen to the radio, but last time I flipped through the stations, I was pleasantly surprised by a deep but sweet and mellow voice. I had already come across Lorde's instagram account, not knowing who she was, but was happy to finally match a voice to the curly haired beauty. After having "Royals" stuck in my head for three straight days, I downloaded the entire album and love her tranquil sound and relatable lyrics.

Juice Cleanse (photo) This summer, I've been working on being a little more healthy-- eating cleaner, exercising more, and working on a more consistent sleep schedule. I know that water is the best way to flush toxins out of your body, but I love the idea of a cleanse to nourish and re-energize your body.

Crystals (photo and more info HERE) Along with a healthier body, I've also been working towards a healthier mind. Lately, I've been intrigued by healing crystals and the idea that different crystals can affect your well being. Even if they only work as a placebo effect, they will, at worst, turn out to be beautiful jewelry.

What are your lingering cravings for the rest of the summer? Have you ever been the the Viceroy? Or Paris? What's your favorite way to relax on a rainy day? Leave a comment and let me know!

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