Sunday, August 25, 2013

Refresh. Renew. Refocus.

This feeling of transition I've had for so long is weighing me down no more! Although I loved the look of the blog before, it was definitely time for a change. I've been de-cluttering my life and my mind, so in that same spirit, I have "de-cluttered" my blog as well.
I am lucky to have so many talented graphic designer friends who wanted to help a sista out with her new look. Thanks to Jamie Wall and Brick Basinger for these lovely graphics:

But in the end, I had to go with the classic Polly Pocket style logo that originally inspired the name for the blog. There have been MANY changes during the three and a half years I've been writing this blog, but this cleaner look should make the site easier to navigate and provide less distractions to the bazillions of photos I cram into each post :)
What do you think? Should I have left things as they were and just injected some bloggy botox? Or is the complete facelift working out? Leave a comment and let me know how you like the new look!

1 comment:

  1. AWWWW your too sweet lady!!! love the new look!!! -
    Jamie Wall