Friday, August 30, 2013

a rant about mid-calf boots

In fashion, trends come and go as they please. Some are fun for a while, some tried, but missed the mark, and some are outright ridiculous. The thing about trends is that not every trend is right for everybody...or every body...err body! ...that escalated quickly.
ANYWAY, what I'm trying to say is that above all fashions, all trends, even classics, the number one rule-- dress for your body type. By wearing clothes that work with your body instead of against it, you will look better and feel more confident.
There are tons of trends that I think are adorable, but wouldn't try myself. Or if I do (since I love to break my own rules), I know that I will have to be very, er, "strategic" with the styling. Like Jeffrey Campbell "Lita's"-- totally cute, but they cut you off at the ankle, which is not flattering on my already short legs. The same goes for mid-calf boots. Don't get me wrong, I'm ALL about the combat boot trend, but both of the pairs taking up space in my closet end just below the knee, not at the widest part of my calf, drawing the eye across instead of up.

A horizontal break at the widest part of the leg....AND a Pirate Hook fold over. WHY!?
How do these trends take off when they look bad on 85% of women? I will never know.
No, no, no. Please, no.
Lady Gaga can't even pull it off...why would anyone else think they should even attempt it?

If you are talllll and thinnnn, then go for it. Tuck your skinny jeans into them. Wear them with a pretty dress. Wear them to bed for all I care. But if you think you might be guilty of giving in to a trend just for trends sake,  then pull those suckers out and put them on. Stand in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself. Look at pictures. Do they make you say "I look goooood!" and do a happy dance? If not, quit fooling yourself and say goodbye to this awful misogynistic trend.

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