Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[How To] Make Toys into Jewelry

It is probably weird how often I come across toys that I want to wear on my actual self. The dollar store usually has lots of cute dinosaurs, tea sets, toy planes, and things that would make super cute accessories. It is super easy to make these little trinkets wearable. 
With a little bit of hot glue and some pin backs, this little fleet of plastic airplanes is now soaring across the back of this thrifted blazer.
With some hot glue and a dollar store dolly tea set...
...I created a tiny tea party on my head.
You can turn any toy made out of soft plastic, like these dollar store dinosaurs, into charms for necklaces, keychains, or even kandi bracelets. Choose where you want to put the hole for your toy to hang from. The best is a spot where the rubber is thin, but far enough in that the hole won't break from holding the weight of the to. Carefully heat up the sharp end of a safety pin with a lighter, and quickly poke your toy with the pin, pushing it all the way through. Wiggle the pin around to make your hole big enough for a jump ring to fit through and pull the pin out before it cools. Add a jump ring using jewelry pliers, and now your toy is ready to add to any string or chain!
If there isn't a thin enough spot on your toy, like on this T-rex, you can push the hot pin straight down into your toy, then glue in a piece of wire and twist the top of the wire into a loop!
Wear one toy for a simple look, or combine a bunch of them for a look that makes a statement. 
Have you ever worn playthings as jewelry? Leave a comment and let me know if you try this project!

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