Wednesday, July 31, 2013

[How To] Make Toys into Jewelry

It is probably weird how often I come across toys that I want to wear on my actual self. The dollar store usually has lots of cute dinosaurs, tea sets, toy planes, and things that would make super cute accessories. It is super easy to make these little trinkets wearable. 
With a little bit of hot glue and some pin backs, this little fleet of plastic airplanes is now soaring across the back of this thrifted blazer.
With some hot glue and a dollar store dolly tea set...
...I created a tiny tea party on my head.
You can turn any toy made out of soft plastic, like these dollar store dinosaurs, into charms for necklaces, keychains, or even kandi bracelets. Choose where you want to put the hole for your toy to hang from. The best is a spot where the rubber is thin, but far enough in that the hole won't break from holding the weight of the to. Carefully heat up the sharp end of a safety pin with a lighter, and quickly poke your toy with the pin, pushing it all the way through. Wiggle the pin around to make your hole big enough for a jump ring to fit through and pull the pin out before it cools. Add a jump ring using jewelry pliers, and now your toy is ready to add to any string or chain!
If there isn't a thin enough spot on your toy, like on this T-rex, you can push the hot pin straight down into your toy, then glue in a piece of wire and twist the top of the wire into a loop!
Wear one toy for a simple look, or combine a bunch of them for a look that makes a statement. 
Have you ever worn playthings as jewelry? Leave a comment and let me know if you try this project!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

[How To] Update Boring Clothes

I try to keep my closet pretty organized most of the time. I regularly clear out things I haven't been wearing or don't feel expresses my style anymore. Sometimes I have pieces that I really like, but something is just off about them. Maybe its a dress with a really cute print but an odd boxy silhouette? A pair of shorts that are comfortable and fit really well but sort of look like pajamas? Or a vintage silk button down that's just downright boring? 
What do you do with clothes that you aren't wearing, but can't bear to part with? Don't donate that top you've only worn once quiiiiite yet. Fix the problem!
I loved the bow print of this dress, but the shape was boxy and unflattering and looked like an awkward hospital gown. I cut the sleeves into a tank and took in the sides of the bodice. A little snip and a couple of stitches completely changed the shape of the dress! It still sort of looks like a slip, though, so I may still add some buttons or trim.
I got these shorts at Forever 21 a couple of years ago. I adore the hearts and pinstripe print, and the fact that they have pockets! These shorts are also soooo soft and comfortable, but whenever I wore them, they translated as pajamas, which I wasn't really going for. I sewed pom pom trim along the hem, and now my shorts are festive and summery, without looking like sleepwear.
I found this simple black and white striped button down at Salvation Army and for a while, I was content to wear it as it. The 100% silk fabric is so nice, but I was bored with the 90's feeling of the fit. To give this shirt an update, I added cutouts to the shoulders. I folded the shirt in half, matching the points of the shoulders together, and then cut half ovals across the folds of the fabric to make sure they matched. I wanted large cutouts, so I cut longer, deeper ovals, but for a less dramatic look, cut more shallow ovals. Fold over and sew. It was a little bit difficult to sew the silky fabric, but a regular button down should be much easier!
Is there anything in your closet that you aren't wearing, but can't give up? How have you updated pieces to make them more wearable? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, July 26, 2013

insta love

Perfect fortune cookie wisdom from the day before my birthday
EDC Preparations!
Unicorn puke manicure
Birthday festivities
Relaxing at the Del Mar Fair
Chasing crabs on the beach in Panama City
The inside of a dinosaur. I want to decorate my house like this someday.
Pine Apple, Alabama
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

[DIY] Embellished Sunnies

 Today's DIY is a quick way to update a pair of sunglasses you've gotten bored of. Or in my case, brighten up some attention-grabbing stunnas that needed a little more bling ;)
 You will need:
A pair of sunglasses
Bling! (rhinestones, beads, flowers, seashells, cabochon, unicorn kisses, anything)
Strong glue, like E-6000
Toothpick or Q-tip to spread glue
Carefully spread the glue onto the frames of your sunglasses, working in sections. I used varying shades and sizes of similarly colored rhinestones. If you have very small pieces, use tweezers to place them into the glue. Let your stunnas dry overnight and they will be ready to rock by the time the sun comes out! Don't be afraid to go overboard with the sparkle and wear your shades with confidence!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dumb blonde

 I needed a change. A big change. I finally decided to bleach out the rest of my hair. It's not as light as I want it just yet, so for now I look like a treasure troll. But I actually like it :)
It's true. Blondes DO have more fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[How To] Organize Magazines

As someone who loves fashion, I have collected tons of magazines over the years. Unfortunately, even after I've finished reading them, these magazines take up a lot of space and weigh a ton. In order to create more room and get organized, I have started keeping only my favorites (September Issues, anyone?) and only keeping pages of my favorite articles and editorial photos. Here's how I organize all of these magazine tears:
You will need:
Magazines or page tears to organize
X-acto knife
Clear page protectors (I have often found these at dollar stores!) or 3-hole punch
First, find the pages you want to keep. Use an X-acto knife to carefully cut them out. Make sure you recycle your leftover magazine pages!
Sort your pages into piles by subject as you go. I keep all of my fashion photos and favorite ads together in one binder, and I sort articles by subject, season, or holiday into another binder.
Label your dividers and add your pages to your binder. For fashion spreads, I try to use page protectors (unless they are too large, like pages from Nylon! Boo hoo) in case I want to scan the images or use them for another project later. For articles, I just use a hole punch.

Now your magazine pages are easily accessible for reference or inspiration, like Pinterest in physical form! Do you save pages from magazines? How do you organize them? Leave a comment and let me know!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Down Yonder

I always love getting to go back home to Alabama. Time seems to slow down and relaxing comes easily. Visiting with family and going back to the places I love are my favorite ways to regroup and get back to basics.