Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[DIY] Embellished Shoulders

So we've all been wearing this embellished shoulder trend for a couple years now-- I'm super late to the DIY train on this one, but I needed to do something with the conservative sweaters that've been rotting in my closet since my trip to Iran. Shoulder bling is one of the easiest DIY's in history-- you basically just add stuff to the shoulders of a shirt. Here's how I made my own version without sewing or glue.
You will need:
Shirt (long or 3/4 sleeves work best)
Felt or sturdy fabric
Safety Pins
Scrap Paper

First, use your scrap paper to sketch out the shape you want to use to put on your shoulders. I used a sort of rounded off rectangle. Cut two of these out of your felt.
 Cut twelve pieces of chain in varying lengths, but all longer than your shoulder pad oval thingy you just cut out. Split your chain into two groups of six and thread them onto a safety pin. Pin these safety pins to the top centers of your shoulder pads. Then, at even intervals, anchor your chains down to the felt with more safety pins.
 Add studs in between your safety pin anchors, using a butter knife to push the prongs down very flat in the back of your fabric. Fill the rest of the space on your fabric with safety pins. You could create a pattern, but I used different sized pins facing in all directions and overlapping.
 To attach your shoulder pads, lay them over the shoulders of your shirt so that the chains dangle down the sleeves, making sure they are both even with each other. Use more safety pins to attach them to your shirt. I would suggest taking the shoulder pads off the shirt when you launder it, and reattaching them again later.

Did you try this project? I would love to see it! Leave me a comment or send me a picture on Facebook!

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