Wednesday, January 16, 2013

[DIY Inspiration] Fleece

A while back, I was digging through the remnant bin at my local fabric store, and couldn't resist a length of pink and white paisley fleece. I loved the bright colors and the buttery soft fabric, but had no idea what to do with it. We've all seen the knotted-edge fleece scarves and blankets a million times, and we've all made fun of our friend who wears a North Face jacket in Southern California like a serious adventurer, but I didn't have enough fabric, even if I did want to add another kitschy blanket to my snuggly little collection. I wanted to find a project that would make even my wild-patterned fleece look chic. The answer?
Troll Pinterest. Duh.
Here are a few projects I found that don't involve adding animal ears to something:
Heart-Shaped Hand Warmers [Tutorial Here]
Rosette Scarf [Available for Purchase Here]
Ear Warmers [Tutorials Here]
Ruffled Bow Scarf [Available for Purchase Here]
Boot Liners [Available for Purchase Here]

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