Monday, November 5, 2012

[DIY] Travel Coffee Mugs

This time of year, all of us wimps in California start getting COLD! I mean, 55 degrees!? Brrrrrr! Its always helpful to have a nice warm drink on hand, but all of the travel mugs out there are either boring, or tacky, or get taken by my dad and misplaced forever! While trolling the aisles of my local 99 cent store, I found a couple of different kinds of travel mugs that I spruced up in a jiffy. These DIY's are super easy, make great gifts, and definitely won't be stolen by my father, the mug thief!

For the mug on the left, I used a mug with a clear outer piece that screws off. They usually have paper or some sort of picture inside. I got rid of the paper and painted the outside of the inner piece with mod podge. I sprinkled glitter in three different colors to create a color blocked effect, let the glue dry overnight, and reattached the clear outer piece.

For the mug on the right, I used heavy duty E-6000 glue to attach different colored rhinestones in a random pattern. I filled in the spaces between with smaller, clear stones, and let the glue dry overnight.

Be careful when washing these travel mugs (I recommend hand washing!) and they will get you through more than a couple of cold winters without being swiped by someone mistaking their mug for yours!

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