Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[DIY] skull and tassle necklace

In honor of October and Halloween and my newfound obsession with all things bones and skulls, get ready for some DIY projects inspired by my new favorite things. When Steffi posted this necklace from Lumo on her instagram account the other day, I immediately took a screen shot, knowing I HAD to take a crack at my own twist on this colorful neckoration.

insta madness. go follow my friend Steffi at chique sheep on instagram!
Skull Sugar Necklace, Lumo, $65
My version! Under $10

You Will Need:
Howlite Skull Beads (You can find these on eBay or etsy)
4 New Bunches of Embroidery Thread in complementing colors
Jump Rings and Clasp
Thin Wire
Waxed Linen or Cotton Cord
(My beads ended up being too small for my cord to fit through, so I also ended up using bead posts and spacer beads!)

Step 1

Create your tassels: (I used a modified version of THIS tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)
Take the wrappers off your embroidery thread. Slide a large jump ring around the middle of each bunch and fold the bunches in half around the jump ring. Wrap wire around the top of your bunch to create a tassel. Cut through the loops and trim to make them even. You will need four of these!

 Step 2 (and maybe 3 and 4):

Tie a jump ring on one end of your cord and thread your skull beads and tassels in an alternating pattern. If you are like me, and find out too late that your cords and beads are like putting a marshmallow in a coin slot, put your skulls on bead posts and twist the tops into a ring. Thennnnnn, thread your skulls and tassels onto your cord with spacer beads in between each one. Finish the other end of your cord by tying on your clasp.

And that's it. A super easy necklace that makes a huge statement!

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