Friday, October 19, 2012

insta love

Music is life. Love my new headphones from wesc!

Sunset at Moonlight Beach

Oozi MC layin it down during an Organized Grime set
at House of Blues San Diego

Black and pink with white dots

DIY Studded iPhone Cover

LED wall at Voyeur during the Starkillers set

Road trip supplies for the ride up to Hollywood for the Illuminaughty party!

Couldn't resist buying this skull mask from the Halloween section at Target

The kittens my friends found outside their apartment

Adding to and reorganizing my portfolio
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Friday, October 12, 2012

[DIY] skeleton jeans

Recently, skulls and skeleton bones have been EVERYWHERE! I saw these leggings on and had to make my own version. I used black skinny jeans instead of leggings, to look less costume-y and be able to fit in more with my everyday wardrobe.
Leg Bones Leggings, Black Milk, $75 AUS

You will need:
Black Skinny Jeans (or leggings, but be careful about the stretch!)
White Puffy Paint
White Acrylic Fabric Paint and a paintbrush
White Pencil
Newspaper or a plastic drop-cloth 

Step 1
Wash your jeans! You don't want them to shrink after you've painted them. If you're using a pair you already own, you want to be sure they are free of dirt or anything that will keep your paint from holding on to the fabric. While this is going on, look up a skeleton template on google. I used this picture as my guide, and modified it to my taste.

Step 2
Try on your jeans and mark where you want the pelvis bones, thigh bones, and shin bones to start and end based on your own body. Then lay your jeans flat, and using your white pencil and your picture guide, freehand the outline of your bones onto your jeans.

Step 3
On top of some plastic or newspaper (with plastic layered inside your pants if you used leggings or thin fabric), trace your outline with white puffy paint and let dry. Then, fill in your painted outline with white fabric paint. It took me two coats of white paint to get this opaque look, but one coat of paint makes a cool vintage effect. Let your jeans dry for 24 hours.

If you make any little mistakes like I did here, you can touch them up with black paint!

I washed mine in the washing machine inside out and they came back out looking fine. Double check the washing directions on your fabric paint just to be sure, though!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

[what i wore] lovely bones

Papaya Tank Top, Bamboo Wedge Booties, eBay Sunnies,
DIY Skull and Tassel Necklace, DIY Skeleton Jeans 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

insta love

Flower Crown DIY project

A Louis in the pantry. How "ritzy"!


My friend went to Italy and brought me back an issue of Vogue Italia!

A lil skully on my nails

Some of my summer/airplane/travel reading

Animal Spirit Hood DIY Project

DIY Glitter Tennies using the same technique from this DIY

All summer I saved up for a new Macbook Pro!
Couldn't resist this decal to go on the front of it :)

Hot Pink and Light Pink striped nails

Representing for my fam, Organized Grime!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

[DIY] skull and tassle necklace

In honor of October and Halloween and my newfound obsession with all things bones and skulls, get ready for some DIY projects inspired by my new favorite things. When Steffi posted this necklace from Lumo on her instagram account the other day, I immediately took a screen shot, knowing I HAD to take a crack at my own twist on this colorful neckoration.

insta madness. go follow my friend Steffi at chique sheep on instagram!
Skull Sugar Necklace, Lumo, $65
My version! Under $10

You Will Need:
Howlite Skull Beads (You can find these on eBay or etsy)
4 New Bunches of Embroidery Thread in complementing colors
Jump Rings and Clasp
Thin Wire
Waxed Linen or Cotton Cord
(My beads ended up being too small for my cord to fit through, so I also ended up using bead posts and spacer beads!)

Step 1

Create your tassels: (I used a modified version of THIS tutorial from A Beautiful Mess)
Take the wrappers off your embroidery thread. Slide a large jump ring around the middle of each bunch and fold the bunches in half around the jump ring. Wrap wire around the top of your bunch to create a tassel. Cut through the loops and trim to make them even. You will need four of these!

 Step 2 (and maybe 3 and 4):

Tie a jump ring on one end of your cord and thread your skull beads and tassels in an alternating pattern. If you are like me, and find out too late that your cords and beads are like putting a marshmallow in a coin slot, put your skulls on bead posts and twist the tops into a ring. Thennnnnn, thread your skulls and tassels onto your cord with spacer beads in between each one. Finish the other end of your cord by tying on your clasp.

And that's it. A super easy necklace that makes a huge statement!

Friday, October 5, 2012

[What I Wore] iron maiden

Thrifted Iron Maiden Tshirt, Pink Jelly Watch from eBay, Half-tint Sunnies from, Arrow Earrings from Pink Zone, Bodycon Skirt from Forever21, Thrifted Nautical Tennies