Wednesday, May 2, 2012

[DIY] oopsy daisy

Music festival season is upon us, and one of the major  trends this time around is the flower crown. I will be headed to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas this summer, and I wanted a bright and colorful daisy crown to complete my look for the weekend. Here's how I made mine:

You will need:
Wire hanger or a medium weight wire
Floral tape
LOTS of fake daisies
Step 1: Cut the top off your hanger and bend the rest into a circle that is slightly larger than your head. It doesn't have to be perfect! You will still be able to bend it later, and all of the wire will be covered.
 Step 2: Cut your daisies off their stems, leaving a couple of inches of stem on each one. I also separated the leaves from my stems in case I wanted to used them later, which I didn't end up doing.
Some of my flowers started falling off the stems after I started bending and manipulating them, so if you need to, you can remove the top of the flower and put a tiny bit of glue on the stem to reattach it. Just make sure your glue is dry before you start working with your flowers again!
 Step 3: To attach your flowers to the wire, pinch the wire and the flower together right under the base of the flower. Tightly wrap florists tape from the top all the way to the end of the stem.
 Starting with your largest flowers, space them evenly all the way around your wire circle.
 Then, fill in the spaces between your larger flowers with smaller ones. Watch the placement of your flowers to make sure the different colors are spread evenly around your flower crown.
Work your way around the wire until you have the amount of fullness you prefer. I wanted my crown to be really full, so I used a lot of flowers, but this project would also look great, more like a daisy chain, if you used less flowers.
 Once your crown is perfect (or once you run out of flowers), put it on and prance around like the flower child you are!

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