Thursday, May 24, 2012

[DIY] lovely bones

The skull cut-out t-shirt has been all over blog-land for the past year. Instead of using the popular skull motif for my cut-out tee, I decided to use vertebrae as my inspiration. This project was so easy, and the perfect tank for summer.

 You will need:
Disappearing Ink or Washable Marker
 Step 1: Cut off the neck and sleeves of your t-shirt. My shirt ended up being too long, so I also ended up cutting the bottom hem into a hi-low silhouette.
 Step 2: Trace your design on the back of your shirt. Make sure that your cuts won't be too close together, then cut!
 Step 3: Stretch the cut-outs, or throw your tee in the washing machine, which will also get rid of your tracing marks. Style your tank with a contrasting colored bra or cami, or leave your tank a little longer and use it as a swimsuit cover-up.

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