Monday, April 30, 2012

golden hanger

This past Saturday, Steffi and I went to the Fashion Careers College 25th Annual Golden Hanger Fashion Show. Similar to the show we produced for our own school last year, the Golden Hanger showcases the student designs from their program. There were many creative and unique pieces, including a stunning collection by FCC student Arturo Mendez.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sour cali diesel

Last semester, my final project in my Photo Styling class was to create a look book for a fictional clothing company. My project was for a fake line called "Sour Cali Diesel" specializing in men's and women's clothing inspired by Southern California's relaxed and laid back lifestyle. I wanted my photos to feel real and to tell a story. Luckily I had some friends who would model for me in exchange for Mexican food, so here are a few of my favorite shots.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

grand tour [industry showroom]

Industry Showroom is a multi-purpose work space for up and coming designers in San Diego. They are currently moving into a new space, which, although unfinished, my Fashion Field Studies class was able to tour back in February. The plans for the new location include not only offices, but also a retail floor, an art gallery, a photo studio, and conference rooms. Rex, the owner, also plans to continue the Bohemian Market they have held a few times over the past couple of years. His mission is to provide resources and a low-cost place for fresh, young designers and brands to get their start.

Last I heard, the showroom was still working on renovations, but the company is involved with the launch of San Diego Fashion Week in October, which will finally cement San Diego's place in the fashion industry!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

birchbox [april] - natural wonders

After 11 long days of waiting, my April Birchbox finally arrived! April's Birchbox was all about fresh products made with natural ingredients. It was even included in the month's note that Birchboxes are made with recycled and sustainably sourced materials, as well as offset carbon emissions from shipping!

 Oile Biologique, 004 Huile Moderne, is a hydrating oil that can be used on the face, body, and hair. I love the idea of this product, but the smell was a little bit too woodsy and masculine for my preference.
 The "Lifestyle Extra" this month was tea from Palais des Thes, which can be served either hot or iced. I want to start drinking more tea, so I can't wait to try these two, as they contain fruit flavors not commonly found in tea.
 The Freedom Glow Beauty Balm from Revolution Organics was probably my favorite product in this month's box. It is a pigment that can be used on cheeks, lips, and lids. Having never tried a cream blush, I really liked the dewy appearance it created, and the way the color also complemented itself when used on my lips at the same time.
 Befine skincare products, like the Skincare Sampler, contain all natural ingredients, like sugar, oats, mint, and rice. I can't wait to try this cleanser and moisturizer duo.
 The Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue, by Atelier Cologne, greets you with the citrus-y scent of blood orange, and then mellows into a playful blend of jasmine and sandalwood. This fragrance definitely makes me think of the freshness and optimism of springtime!

Want to try Birchbox? Click Here!

Monday, April 23, 2012

when i shoot i never miss

This past weekend I headed up to the desert with some friends. It was HOT. We had a small cabin with running water and power, but had to cook over a campfire and use an outhouse. We had so much fun off-roading, hiking, and shooting and i can't wait until we get to go back again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

buffalo soldier

Earth Day is this Sunday, as well as another holiday many celebrate today, so channel your inner tree-hugger and don your hippy threads.

1. Beanie-- Zumies
2. Crochet Shorts-- River Island
3. Tee-- Bob Marley One Love T-shirt Zion Rootswear
4. Fake Gauges-- Tribal Style (I have the Fatima Swan Earrings in Bone and love them!)
5. Sunnies-- Grey Ant Status Sunglasses
6. Kicks-- Converse All-Star Double Upper Trainer

Peace and Love!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

on a horse with no name

This weekend I'm headed out to a cabin in the desert with some friends. Our 5-star accommodations boast... It's basically a concrete slab with four walls and a roof. It is supposed to be hotter than bus station chili up there this weekend (googlemaps reveals we will be within spitting distance of Coachella). We will have beer running water and a lot of firearms, but not much else. I'm planning on bringing denim shorts, breezy tank tops, and a good pair of sneakers to hike in. I can't wait to unplug from all my electronic entanglements and get out of town for a couple of days.

 1. Tank Top-- Le Petit Petit
2. Denim Cutoffs-- American Eagle (see my denim patching DIY here)
3. Sneakers-- New Balance Womens 310 Hiking Shoes
4. Turban Scarf-- Forever 21
5. Cowboy Boots-- Laredo Kadi (I have these exact boots and they are my favorite!)

What other desert necessities am I missing?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In Living Color

Last fall, in my photo styling class (taught by Susan Cox), we formed groups and chose themes for a photo shoot project. The theme my group was given was "In Living Color", a fashion spread which was to reference the 1950's. We decided to go in the direction of fifties pin-up girls. We borrowed old cars from friends, lugged our entire closets to our mandatory campus location, and convinced the beautiful Tiffany to be our model. There were so many beautiful images that it was hard to narrow it down to what we needed to turn in!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[DIY] for the birds

For the past couple of days I have had an awful cold and have been cooped up inside my house. The weather outside has been gorgeous, of course, and so today's DIY is nature oriented. I saw Kinsey's DIY here and decided to create my own Lovebird necklace.

Gold chain
Gold jump rings
Gold wire
Small stick (from the backyard)
Tiny Birds (mine are from the floral section at Michael's)
Wire cutters, Jewelry Pliers, Glue

First, wrap wire around either end of your branch, creating a loop at the top of each wrap. Make sure your loops line up with each other so that your necklace hangs evenly.

Next, use jump rings to attach your chain to each loop. Hold your necklace from the top of the chain to make sure your branch hangs evenly. Glue your birds to the top of the branch. (I also put a dab of glue to hold the wire to the stick on the back side of the necklace.)

Hang your necklace somewhere it wont be touching anything else to let your glue dry overnight. Now you have the perfect springtime statement necklace--for the birds!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[DIY] therapy

In the 1960's, the Rorschach Ink Blot test was the most widely used personality test in America. The psychological test analyzes the subject's perception of a series of ink blots to determine personality characteristics and emotional functionality.

Lucky for us, last week's Project Runway All Stars season finale gave us designer Mondo Guerra's "Therapy" collection. He delivered flattering silhouettes and his signature mixed prints, including a Rorschach-inspired textile of his own creation. I loved his idea so much that I decided to create an ink blot piece of my own.

You will need:
White cotton shirt
Black fabric paint
Wax paper or tin foil (to separate t-shirt layers)

Lay your shirt face up on a flat surface, with wax paper inside the shirt to keep paint from bleeding through to the back of the shirt. Make sure the edges are even and find the center at the collar and bottom hem.

Drop paint generously onto your shirt, starting in the center and then working out to the sides.  The paint I used had a small opening t the top, so I squirted paint directly onto my shirt from the bottle. Carefully fold your shirt in half lengthwise from top to bottom and press down, squeezing the paint so that it flattens out.

Slowly peel your shirt front apart so that it lays flat again. Let dry for 24 hours, then remove your wax paper before washing or wearing.

(Skirt: thrifted, Shoes: Carlos Santana, Earrings: Styles) 

(first two photos from here and here)