Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Starbucks is my favorite treat on cold and rainy days
Boots and layered scarves are my uniform in the winter time!
Picking out our Christmas tree
Our tree all decorated!
My DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! This time of year is so fun with everyone in the spirit. Unfortunately, this year I am spending my Christmas visiting family in a country where the holiday isn't as popular, but I already got a head start on my Christmas cheer ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

[DIY] Animal Purse

As a child, stuffed animals were my constant companions and unconditional friends. My collection was nothing short of enormous (And still is, because I will not let my mother get rid of the giant boxes full of my darling pets that are taking up space in the garage). These days, instead of these sentimental little plushies covering my whole bedroom, I am finding new ways to incorporate them into my life. This little purse DIY might not register the same intensity as Lady Gaga's beanie baby dress, but it surely makes a statement when paired with combat boots and an all-black party ensemble.
You will need:
Stuffed Animal
Fabric for lining
6 inch zipper
Chain for strap
Needle and Thread

Step 1:
Cut the head off your stuffed animal, leaving an oval of the stomach still attached. Pull the stuffing out of the head of your animal, leaving some in spots like it's snout or ears so that they will hold their shape. This fabric will become the bottom of your purse. Cut a six-inch opening from ear to ear at the top of your animal's head. If you are using an entire stuffed animal, not just the head of one, skip right to cutting a zipper opening.
Step 2:
Fold your lining fabric in half and trace around the shape of your animal. With right sides together, sew around the outside, leaving the top open 6 inches across.
Step 3:
Fold the top edge of your lining down about a half an inch, and then pin your lining and zipper to the opening on the top of your animal. Make sure your zipper will close, then unzip and sew everything together.
Step 4:
After sewing in your zipper and lining, fold the stomach fabric up to create a base and sew the bottom of your bag closed.
Step 5:
Measure the chain so that your bag will hang at the right height. Sew each end of chain to either side of your zipper. I removed the bow tie that came on my stuffed animal and created another one out of ribbon. Sew that to the base of your animal's head to give him a little extra flair!

And there you go, a precious piece that will sweeten up any tough outfit!

Monday, November 19, 2012

[DIY] leopard letters

I recently completed a project that has been in the works for a lonnnng time. Painting my bathroom walls. It sounds simple enough, but the previous homeowners had wallpapered, and then painted over, and painted again, and again...and it was just a general headache involving a putty knife, Dif spray, and putting up with a haunted house/construction zone/crime scene themed bathroom for a few years. Now that it is finally done (and lime green, eee!), I get to decorate!

 Since I share this bathroom with my sister, I decided to paint letters in our initials to hang on our respective "sides" of the bathroom.

You will need:
6" wooden letters
light brown craft paint
dark brown craft paint
gold craft paint
paint brushes
clear top coat spray
ribbon and hot glue, or other hanger
Step 1:
Lay your letters on newspaper or paper towels and give them two good coats of your light brown paint and let dry for a few minutes.
If you want, you can lightly sand and then prime your letters before this step, but I didn't and mine turned out fine.
Step 2:
Using your gold paint, make polka dots all over your letter. Don't make them perfect! They should all be a little different and lopsided. Let your paint dry.
Step 3:
Using a finer paint  brush and your dark brown paint, draw semi-circles around your gold spots with a spot in the middle, as pictured above. Make some complete circles, and some just spots. Again, they don't need to be perfect. Leopard spots are never the same!
Step 4:
After your paint has dried completely, spray your letters with a clear top coat. I used glossy, but matte top coat would look great too. After your top coat has dried, attach your hanger to the back of your letter. I hot glued ribbon to the back of my letters and tacked them onto the wall.

I love the way these letters add a touch of personalization. There are infinite amounts of ways you could paint, hang, and combine these letters to tie a room together!

Friday, November 16, 2012

insta love

I am fascinated by manners and protocol, especially the ones in this 1945 edition of Emily Post!

Nail art using black, gunmetal, and silver glitter

Some travel mugs I made as gifts for the co-coaches of my cheer team using this DIY

Bright lime green paint! You'll see what I used it for soon enough ;)

Heaven and Hell party at Fluxx Nightclub

His and Hers road trip essentials. Rockstar and Monster energy drinks.

Getting in the mood for Christmas! I have since started listening to Christmas music on Pandora and wearing Christmas toe socks!

Fortune Cookie fail! Three of us at the table got the same fortune!
Organized Grime Soldier
I always see this guy when I'm out downtown. A sense of humor never goes unappreciated! 
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Monday, November 12, 2012


Seagulls at Torrey Pines Beach
Spent the day running around the different beaches in San Diego with an out-of-town friend. The light was constantly changing all day from cloudy, to sunny, and back again, but the unchanging thing about the shoreline was the quiet serenity and peacefulness.

The view from the top of the Glider Port in La Jolla

Pelicans at La Jolla Shores

Monday, November 5, 2012

[DIY] Travel Coffee Mugs

This time of year, all of us wimps in California start getting COLD! I mean, 55 degrees!? Brrrrrr! Its always helpful to have a nice warm drink on hand, but all of the travel mugs out there are either boring, or tacky, or get taken by my dad and misplaced forever! While trolling the aisles of my local 99 cent store, I found a couple of different kinds of travel mugs that I spruced up in a jiffy. These DIY's are super easy, make great gifts, and definitely won't be stolen by my father, the mug thief!

For the mug on the left, I used a mug with a clear outer piece that screws off. They usually have paper or some sort of picture inside. I got rid of the paper and painted the outside of the inner piece with mod podge. I sprinkled glitter in three different colors to create a color blocked effect, let the glue dry overnight, and reattached the clear outer piece.

For the mug on the right, I used heavy duty E-6000 glue to attach different colored rhinestones in a random pattern. I filled in the spaces between with smaller, clear stones, and let the glue dry overnight.

Be careful when washing these travel mugs (I recommend hand washing!) and they will get you through more than a couple of cold winters without being swiped by someone mistaking their mug for yours!

Friday, November 2, 2012

insta love

Outfit I wore out to see Mickey Avalon at the Ivy

Kurt Cobain quote on the outside of House of Blues

Outfit I wore to see Datsik at House of Blues

Pretty things dangling from a friend's rearview mirror on our way to see Benny Benassi at Ski Beach.

One of my friends, ADP, deejaying at the Organized Grime Halloween Party

Rainboots from this post
Gifts and champagne for a friend visiting town

Neon signs outside the Tower bar

Drinks and a view at the Marriott Hotel and Marina
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