Thursday, August 18, 2011

[DIY] From Her Cowboy Boots to Her Down Home Roots

The easiest way to elevate a "blah" outfit is to add a great pair of shoes. My favorite type of shoes? Cowboy boots. They go with everything and add a little bit of charm to any outfit. Today's DIY post will show you how to take a pair of plain cowboy boots from this...

Photobucket this!


What You Will Need:
a pair of old cowboy boots (I got these on eBay for $10 and decided I didn't like the color)
...or any pair of leather shoes
nail polish remover or leather cleaner and cotton swabs
painters tape
outdoor modge podge
clear spray finish
foam paintbrush and a smaller paintbrush


(My boots are painted white here because I had originally thought I was going to paint them, but you don't need to do that.)

Step 1:
Stuff your boots with newspaper to fill them out and make them stand up.

Step 2:
Use your leather cleaner or nail polish remover to clean the surface of the leather.


Step 3:
Tape off the edges of the sole and any other parts of your boots that you don't want to sparkle.

Step 4:
Mix two parts glitter to one part modge podge and use your foam brush to apply a layer of the mixture to your boots. Let the first layer dry overnight. Don't mix all of your modge podge and glitter at once, because it will dry out when you are waiting for your boots to dry between coats.


This is what your boots should look like after the first coat. The one on the left is mostly dry and the one on the right is still wet.


Step 5:
Using a smaller paintbrush, go back and fill in any spots you missed with the modge podge/glitter mixture. Let your boots dry overnight between each coat of filler. I had to do this two or three times before I was happy with the way they looked.


Step 6:
When your boots are fully dry, remove the painters tape. For Extra Credit: Set your boots on a sheet of newspaper in a well-ventilated area and spray your boots with the clear finishing spray. Your boots shouldn't shed glitter, but this is just for insurance and a little bit of extra shine.



Now go get your two-step on ;)


  1. Wow!! This is one of the best DIY's I've seen in forever! :D

  2. Soooooo cooooool and soooooo gonna do this for the June 15 Gary Morris Concert at Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District.

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