Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wardrobe Journal: Part 4

My high school cheerleading uniform was one of the outfits I felt most confident in, and yet at the same time, most self-conscious. As a cheerleader I was also a leader around my school. While in my uniform I was seen at football games, basketball games, wrestling matches, pep rallies, and around school. Parents recognized me and little girls looked up to me while I was wearing my uniform. With this confidence and responsibility also came a lot of pressure self-doubt. People were constantly watching me and judging me. While in uniform I was expected to behave at a higher standard and perform at a specific level. Everything I did was constantly scrutinized by those around me. Some even based their impression of me off of how they felt about other girls who wore the same uniform.

When I was alone, my cheer uniform always got me noticed, but when I was with my team, I learned to work harder to stand out beyond what I was wearing. I was happy with my uniform’s image because I enjoyed being a part of a team I was proud of as well as the sport of cheerleading itself. I also liked the image I presented while in my uniform because I was more conscious of how I acted while wearing it, helping me to be a better person and role model.

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